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Effective English Learning: every day a little

What’s better: 20 minutes of English study each day, or 140 minutes of English study once a week?

They’re exactly the same amount of time – each week you’d spend 140 minutes studying English. But one method is FAR more effective – and it may not be the one you think.

The 140 minutes of continuous study is efficient – when you have 7 different study sessions, you’ll spend some time preparing before you actually start studying each time. With one block of time, prep time is less. Plus, you only have to do it once a week.

But it’s not the most effective method. It’s far better to spend at least some time learning English every single day.


Well, when you’re learning, you’re actually creating new pathways in your brain. You’re forcing your brain to grow new connections. That’s why learning can be hard, sometimes. But doing it every day reinforces the pathways that have been created … each day they’re reinforced, strengthened, and grow a little more.

Studying once of week, you learn a little, but leave it alone for 6 whole days … a great opportunity to forget, learn new things, and so on.

But there are other reasons as well why you should do a little bit of English learning each and every day: habit. Once you’re in the habit of spending some time each day learning English, it’s easy to maintain or continue that habit.

On the other hand, when you only study weekly, each time is a struggle – it’s harder to build a weekly habit than a daily habit.

So spend a little time each and every day. You’ll learn faster, and you’ll retain or remember more. The Linguist can help!

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