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by Mark Kaufmann: What’s New at The Linguist

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What’s New at The Linguist

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It’s summertime and the kids are out of school. Here in Vancouver the weather hasn’t been tremendous but I’m always optimistic that the hot summer weather we are accustomed to is just around the corner.

Here at The Linguist we continue to be busy in our ongoing quest to figure out how to introduce more people to our system. We know a lot of people do not like the fact that they are forced to leave a credit card number in order to take the free trial, or they feel that the trial period is too short. For this reason we have created The Linguist Club.

Linguist Club members can sign up for free and are able to use much of the functionality of The Linguist without having to leave a credit card number. Members also receive a subscription to The Linguist Digest. Club members can take as long as they want to evaluate The Linguist until they feel they are ready to get started. We don’t provide any writing or speaking services to Club members, and the content that is available is limited, but it does allow new members to get a real look at our system.

In addition, any Club members who are active and meeting their targets may be contacted by a Linguist Tutor and offered free writing trials and speaking trials. I encourage all of you who are interested to meet your targets for saving words and phrases in order to get a look at our writing and speaking features.

I should end by saying that because the library of content available to Club members is very limited, the CHOOSE section of the site looks a little sparse. We will be working both to add more content and to make this page look more attractive in the coming months.

I encourage everyone to send me any feedback they have regarding the Linguist Club.

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