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Learning for years but knowing little

Something that Steve is always saying around the offices here at The Linguist is that he is astounded at the number of people who learn English for years and years …. and can’t put two sentences together to save their lives.

Julian over at Survival English has a great post on the exact same topic.

Some people need to learn English to pass a test. So they study it out of a book, pass the test, and never remember another word. We have a member in Hong Kong who figured that, if he had to learn the language to pass the test anyways, he might as well try to learn some useful skills that would last.

So he signed up for the free trial, got hooked and stuck with our system. Why? Steve’s method of language learning, which helped him learn NINE languages (and counting), is based on authentic, real audio content. You listen – you learn.

More about Steve’s method in another post. Meanwhile, here’s a humorous anecdote from Julian’s site that illustrates why you want to learn the nuances of a language.

Sometimes you have to be careful. In English we say “I’m hot” but in Polish for example this means “I’m horny.”

The potential for misunderstanding is vast!

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