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#14 André & Anders – A Layman’s Humble Perspective on Integrity – (Intermediate)

André and Anders try humbly to get involved in domestic politics, discussing three recent developments in legislation, all somehow relating to individual freedom and integrity; The IPRED-law, the FRA-law and the trial against the individuals behind torrent-site Pirate Bay. In short, a layman’s perspective on integrity.(André och Anders försöker sig på inrikespolitik när de diskuterar tre relaterade händelser i Sverige; införandet av Ipred-lagen, FRA-lagen samt rättegången mot Pirate Bay. Kort sagt, en lekmans trevande perspektiv på integritet.)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Category:  Politics
Duration:  19:45
Click here to listen to A Layman’s Humble Perspective on Integrity.

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