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Mount Everest security guards to stop fights (24th February, 2014)

1:57 Intermediate 2

Belgium to allow euthanasia for children (16th February, 2014) Read more: http:

2:04 Advanced 1

Record number of Rolls-Royces sold in 2013 (11th January, 2014)

1:57 Intermediate 1

More hospital staff being attacked in UK (2nd December, 2013)

2:00 Intermediate 2

Mental health nurses staff UK police stations (7th January, 2014) Read more: ht

1:54 Intermediate 2

Toronto mayor smoked crack cocaine (8th November, 2013)

1:40 Intermediate 2

Media says Obama knew US spied on Merkel (29th October, 2013)

1:42 Intermediate 2

Baldness treatment a step closer (25th October, 2013) Read more: http://www.bre

1:47 Intermediate 2

No frying eggs in Death Valley, says park (13th July, 2013) Read more: http://w

1:51 Intermediate 2

Toilet paper shortage ends in Venezuela (24th May, 2013) Read more: http://w

1:30 Intermediate 2

Jaw surgery – the new beauty fad (30th May, 2013) Read more: http://www.breakin

1:50 Intermediate 2

United Nations asks us to eat insects (16th May, 2013)

2:00 Intermediate 2

Mount Fuji to be World Heritage site (4th May, 2013) Read more: http://www.b

1:42 Intermediate 2

Eye-tracking software will look at you shop (2nd May, 2013) Read more: http://w

1:50 Intermediate 2

Cycling is bad for the environment (5th March, 2013)

1:47 Intermediate 2

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