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Open Forum in English

Basic patterns in different languages. I will pay by the hour.

Leave it with me for now but thanks Mike.

Not really. I haven't given up on the idea.

Ask Steve

Active vocabulary

To activate your passive vocabulary you just need to speak and write a lot. You need to use it. The ...

Dear Steve

The known words number at LingQ is just a counter, something to keep you working. To me, the number of ...

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

The "Move all words to known" button is not working

I have also reported the problem and we will fix it Monday. If you refresh the page, the blue words ...

Ask Steve

Advice needed: Interesting content but no audiofiles

While it is ideal to have both audio and text, I often work with audio alone and even more with ...

Forum aperto in Italiano (Open Forum in Italian)

Progetto <<Scipione l’Africano>>

Mi piacerebbe vedere questo e altri contenuti di Alle Otto della Sera nella nostra biblioteca, se possiamo ottenere il permesso ...

Русский форум обо всем (Open Forum in Russian)

Что происходит на Украине (на русском языке)

честность и отсутствие ненависти

Open Forum on LingQ

Free accounts are completely useless, it appears. What about paid accounts?

And the university course may cost the student $500 but the tax payer is paying most of the cost.

Open Forum in English

What do people mean when they say Germans are "blunt?"

It was not intended as a compliment since I don't know where you live. In any case generalizations are not ...

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