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Open Forum on LingQ

Thinking, Dreaming and Talking to Yourself in a Foreign Language

ive had multiple dreams in german....and one time i was speaking it with someone who doesnt even speak german in ...

I am pretty disappointed in you guys.

I suppose it is too late for me to claim I should be able to use Lingq without paying, but ...

Hello, As much as I would prefer to stay silent on this issue, as I do think its silly to ...

Support Forum

Can't downgrade account, International Sever Error

Ok my account still says im basic but thanks :D

Hello all. So I tried to downgrade my account both last night and this morning but every time I press ...

Como ir por orden de lecciones

para aleman hay un curso que se llama "ab jetzt lerne ich deutsch!" con muchas lecciones muy basicas que es ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Has a break from learning a language ever benefited you?

i think if you dont really have time to study and you try to then youll end up just trying ...

Support Forum

flashcards seem squashed..

yeah they work now, i don't know why they weren't at first, but all is well ;D

mine are still squashed D;

Open Forum on LingQ

More Hangouts, more languages.

ok cool i think i got it, though im not sure if hes "announced" the hang out yet?

i can make that time too! though can somebody tell me what exactly i need to do in order to ...

i'd like to participate at some point, though i dont have a clue how to use google + lol ;D ...

Ask Steve

Should I learn French from English or Spanish?

funny you ask that, because when i was lightly learning french a while ago from english i found myself often ...

Open Forum on LingQ

hablo español y no entiendo nada

aqui hay una explicacion del sitio en espanol, quizas te puede ayudar?

Meet up in Berlin, October 26.

i will be there, consider this my confirmation ;D

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