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Open Forum in English

Basic patterns in different languages. I will pay by the hour.

Steve, I can probably help you with Italian patterns if you are interested.

Open Forum on LingQ

How can we get more languages on LingQ

Indeed, Jake, the difficult part is to convince people to pay for a language that LingQ still doesn't offer. Steve, ...

Support Forum

Bad translation of LingQ UI (German)

English version: The current translation system is often very bad, because it is very "anglo-centric". E.g. adjectives always appear under ...

Leider ist das Übersetzungssystem oft nicht gut genug, um gut zu übersetzen, wie Vera schon gesagt hat. Nur die englische ...

Open Forum on LingQ

New: Roses for referrals

Ok, Alex, thanks for the explanation.

Mark, my referral page says I have 225 referrals, however I don't seem to have received any roses for them. ...

Forum aperto in Italiano (Open Forum in Italian)

Progetto <<Scipione l’Africano>>

Penso che difficilmente la RAI concederà il permesso di pubblicare le trascrizioni integrali di questi podcast, ma forse non sarebbe ...

Ask Steve

Introducing Hungarian language

If Polish has met the requirements, please make it a supported language as soon as possible! I hope Steve's suggestion ...

Open Forum on LingQ


If you buy Assimil mp3-packs or superpacks, the text is stored inside the mp3 files. I have copied and pasted ...

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

New World Cup Jerseys for your Avatar

I wonder whether the Uruguayan outfit is missing as a punishment for Suarez biting Italy's Chiellini... What about Honduras and ...

I had the choice to buy either the German or the Belgian jerseys for my German avatar. I bought the ...

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