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Open Forum on LingQ

The Language Hour with Chris and Chris

Interview :Steve and Chris AFP 05 – Steve Kaufmann: Canadian superpolyglot and entrepreneur j:-)

Support Forum

How do i get my 90 day Challenge cap

Some time ago I wrote in the forum: "Yeah!! But after a day of listening, reading, writing and talking you ...

Ask a tutor tooltip

@galina we will see!

This Text from the LingQ-Support invite students to use the forum instead of dictionary's or wikipedia!!! j:-(

Offenes Deutsches Forum (Open Forum in German)

Lesevergnügen mit Madame Missou

Als Frau darf ich doch auch mal Frauenbücher empfehlen. oder? Ich habe sie zwar nicht gelesen. j;-) Manchem Mann würde ...

Hoffentlich funktioniert der Amazon Link! Sonst sucht einfach unter Madame Missou und ihr werdet es finden. j;-) 11 Bücher können über die Ostertage gratis heruntergeladen werden. j:-)

Support Forum

Comments on the new iOS app

" You could call it "iLingQ Review App" since it is just used to review lessons." good idea! j:-)

Open Forum in English


Wau it works! But it is really difficult so see the right Captcha!!! I must try 3 times. so I ...

Yeah a refresh button would be useful.

Support Forum

Uploading new lessons

I miss the delete button. Now I must go back to courses and then I can delete them. j:-(


"I have seen a couple of corrections to publicly submitted English texts that are pretty bad here. I guess if ...

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