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Open Forum in Swedish


Jag tror helt klart att de pratar långsammare i Ingmar Bergmans filmer (och i andra filmer som är mer än ...

Open Forum in English

Should I listen to content I haven´t read?

There is no simple answer, but I doubt that it's useful to listen to material if you don't understand ANYTHING. ...

Open Forum on LingQ

How important is regional accent when choosing a course?

Usually accent is no big deal. Listen, learn, adapt. If you can't distinguish between different accents, maybe there are no ...

Open Forum in Swedish

Finns det en forum som har mer aktivitet?

Two months late, but here are my thoughts: 1 The g in the first "nog" is less likely to be ...

Ask Steve

am I ready for learn another language?

I haven't by any means "finished" German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese etc. but that didn't stop me from learning Irish ...

Open Forum in English

Native-like accent in Luca Lampariello's blog

The billion dollar question: "What is a slight accent?" While a super-native accent is something on which most learners won't ...

Ask Steve

Maintaining level

B1, who knows? Everyday I'm chatting with a guy who started with Swedish last autumn (a little more than one ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Catalan - Please Can We Add This Language to our Beta Collection?

So, this thread had one (!) member who was ready to create some Catalan lessons. While I'm sure there are ...

Support Forum

Using Asian Slots for European Languages

I don't have any experience with language which do not use vowels, which are written from right to left and ...

I have no idea how to use this.

Is it really much harder than this? 1 Register 2 Pick a lesson 3 Listen+read+save LingQs (repeat listen+read ad nauseam) ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Can you learn Danish by osmosis?

I don't know... not that I've heard that many foreigners speak convincing Danish, but to my ears, there's a lot ...

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