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Open Forum on LingQ

Fluent Japanese in 3 months.

Attempts to go faster or further are good for the progress of all. I just think, though, that this video ...

Ask Steve


Steve doesn't mind a little help from his many pals. :) has a lot of old textbooks on it. Maybe the same grammatical point explained in other ways would help. ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Christophe Clugston : Benny/Steve

Also I think Clugston should be a little more open to empirical, experiential observations. Isn't that how the sport of ...

What I enjoy is hearing that seemingly opposed methods both get good results. "Speak!" "Don't speak!" Hilarious.

"German Volume Training" involves lots of repetitions at decreasing weight levels, so he probably envisions some sort of exercise regimen ...

new profASAr video A new video. He's been away for a while. One highlight: he distinguishes between polyglottery, and multilingualism. The former ...

Open Forum in English

Quiz - What's Your Language Learning Style?

@Paule89 Well Clugston mentioned something about TPR in one of his videos. Here's a web page about that:

I just like to feel my way along. *giggle*

Tutor Forum

New Spanish tutor with a question

I think the way it works is, you click on "exchange" at the top of your screen, and then on ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Suggestion: Adding a "Hours of Singing"-Button

Rapping is a language invention activity. But when you do it I'm sure it's all good!

Christophe Clugston : Benny/Steve

800 hours of passive learning! Ha! I agree, Steve, a lively discussion. I think what I'll do is put my ...

The reason I can be dogmatic is this: time is limited for adults. If you spend, say, six months, amassing ...

listening comprehension

The English kids in Canada can probably ignore French. Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, and others can't ignore English. By which I ...

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