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Support Forum

Arrow keys stop working after creating new phrase

@JakubMarian - Ah, I see. We'll be making some additional updates to this page that will likely resolve this issue, ...

@JakubMarian - I checked this and it seems to be working properly. Here's how I tried to reproduce the issue: ...

Search Lacks a desirable function

@alchemist - I wonder if this is related to the formatting of the text you originally copied. Would you try ...

Problem with creating new lingqs

@Jingle - Hmm, not quite sure what would have caused this. We have identified some strange things on the lesson ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Searching New Content on LingQ

@iaing - I hear you on these different points. For sure we can make changes to the logic of how ...

Support Forum

Please add skrill into way of paying

@Kmieciu - PayPal should work in most cases, and we do have paying members in Poland who pay using PayPal, ...

Problem with the Android app (number read + listen)

@tobiassimon - A new version should be up hopefully some time this week!

Problem with creating new lingqs

@tobiassimon - Ah, glad to hear you got this sorted out! :)

New Words

@alchemist - As noted in the email response, is this something that has happened for multiple lessons and something that ...

Problem with the Android app (number read + listen)

@tobiassimon - Yes, this is on our list and should be fixed in the next version!

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

Text Running off Window

@pondup - Would you be able to send a screenshot to support (at) so we can have a better ...

Support Forum

Problem with creating new lingqs

@tobiassimon - Is this still happening? Sometimes there can be caching issues which cause things like this to happen. Also, ...

Google translation requests not working the first time

@eturgeon - Thanks for the heads up. I've actually noticed this myself when LingQing, but wasn't sure if it was ...

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