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Support Forum

Incorrect LingQ information

LingQ shows wrong hint

That happens very often. After reloading the page, it's OK for some time, but then ..., again. Very frustrating.

Open Forum on LingQ

New Year's wishes to all.

Happy New Year 2014 to you, Steve, your family, the whole LingQ team, and last, but not least, all fellow ...

Support Forum

Exporting LingQs

"We may look at refining the Export feature at a later time." The same answer since years ... Sometimes it ...

How to go to the next lesson of the collection?

[irony] It would be laughable if the matter were not so serious ... [/irony] In Deutsch sagt man: Wenn es ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Large Reading Font

Thank you so much, much better, especially for Chinese. That's someting I asked the LingQ staff for years now, and ...

Fix LingQ Reading Page with Greasemonkey

Great! Thank you so much! Works like a charm ...

New Languages on LingQ

Re: Wulfgar wrote... "Second - I'm happy to say that Thai can meet these requirements! We have received permission from ...

Support Forum

著名 zhùmíng (famous) wrongly converted to 着名

The Chinese word "著名 zhùmíng (famous)" is (wrongly) converted by LingQ to 着名 in an imported text. If I import ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Happy Birthday, Steve

@Steve: 生日快樂! All the best, and happy language learning!

Support Forum

Can't find LingQ on Google.

The same here with "German" Google Results: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) but not ...

Open Forum on LingQ

The Amber Shield in memory of Gintaras Akulevicius

Thank you, LingQ team!

Offenes Deutsches Forum (Open Forum in German)

Regionale Unterschiede (Deutsch)

Linktipp: Wer mehr über die regionalen Unterschiede von deutschen (Alltags-) Begriffen wissen will, kann hier mehr erfahren: Beispiele: 1) ...

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