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Content Forum

Jerusalim (Иерусалим - город трёх религий)

Thank you!

Open Forum in English

Have you ever felt impatient with language learning?

Firstly- just slow down! I too have had this rush to try to learn as much as possible, as fast ...

Basic patterns in different languages. I will pay by the hour.

@Ress- I'd greatly appreciate the Belarusian ;)

Do you want this for any language? Edit: I will be willing to help with the English portion as well

Open Forum on LingQ

Hitting a brick wall in your studies

@Steve- I was hoping you'd chime in. When you keep reading, do you click on yellow words if you see ...

@SanneT- recently I have been listening to stuff about politics, since that is what I am interested in, and what ...

I am noticing that with my studies, especially Russian, that words are not sticking as much anymore. Now that I ...

Support Forum

Ipad - Yellow word

You're welcome!

To make it yellow, just click on the blue word and select a hint. Once you do that, it'll be ...

Google Chrome Extension Problem

Thanks ! :)

Sure! It's for Russian.

Open Forum on LingQ

Slovio: Slavic Esperanto

Yea I am thinking it is more of a stepping stone for people interested in learning a Slavic language and ...

Support Forum

Google Chrome Extension Problem

Hello, While using the Chrome Extension, when I select the "Open on LingQ" tab, it gives me an internal server ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Question about learning Chinese

Hi Axelander! Welcome to LingQ! It is very possible to learn the characters here. With enough reading, you will recognize ...

What guarantees success in language learning?

Paule- Couldn't you say that keeping yourself motivated is the hard work?

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