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LingQ Updates and Known Issues

LingQ crashing when trying to lingq a word.

Okay now I had the problem again, I was trying to lingQ a phrase ("Mark und bein" in this case). ...

Open Forum in Swedish

Svenska sitcoms och serier

Den här är också rolig:

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

LingQ crashing when trying to lingq a word.

I'm having problems with this, especially when I have to mark several words for "lingquing". I don't know if other ...

Support Forum

Android app

Okay, sounds very promising=) When are you planning on releasing the android version then, approximately?

Hi, I'm just wondering when the android app is going to get the update the it really needs. Right now ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Michel Thomas Method

I think Michel Thomas is brilliant. There are few methods that are as inspiring as his method. If you can ...

Open Forum in Swedish

Finns det en forum som har mer aktivitet?

it can be used as "enough" but it is also very commonly used to say something like "probably," So, one ...

Svenska podcasts eller bloggar? är ett radioprogram om tv- och datorspel. De svenska podcasts jag lyssnar på är Fredrik och Filip (snackar om ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Favourite French Singers?

Pauline Croze and Joe Dassin are great.

What is powering your language learning? (Hardware)

I use a Sansa Clip+. Really cheap and small with 2 gigabite storing room. When you listen to audiobooks it ...

Forum aperto in Italiano (Open Forum in Italian)

che cosa in italia tu piacia

Ci sono tante cose di Italia che mi piacciono! Mentre sto scrivendo questo, ad esempio, ascolto Daniele Silvestri, forse l'artista ...

Open Forum in English

Goals for 2010!

I'm gonna work hard on my french, so I can read, write, speak okay. Known words in LingQ should be ...

To everyone!!

Buon Natale! God Jul!

Open Forum on LingQ

which mp3 player do you use for learning your content?

I have an Ipod Classic 120 Gb. It's relatively cheap, and you can watch movies on it, listen to songs/podcasts ...

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