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2-page pop-up at the end of a lesson

Yes, this '2 page pop up' is rather cumbersome.

Ask Steve

Dear Steve

@jreidy You are going to succeed at learning Korean! 화이팅!!

Support Forum


Thanks for taking care of that Alex!

@Vera, I was not pointing to myself, but to the “evidence” of spam posted on my profile page. In this ...

A new one:

Open Forum in English

Mastering just one kick

There is a big difference between playing around and being fiercely dedicated. If you would embrace Bruce Lee’s words, you ...

Open Forum on LingQ

Has anyone noticed that the site is faster?

Yes, it’s faster! Great job, LingQ Team ^^ EDIT: Oh, no captcha..!

Content Forum

Spanish Content: Radio Ambulante with transcripts!!

Wow, thanks ‘spcole83!

Open Forum on LingQ

"Podcasts about language learning with Luca Lampariello in Spanish"

Wonderful, lively, and proactive discussion! I actually understood 98% of it, which means the message really hit home for me. ...

Support Forum

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Alex, Thank you very much for resolving this issue! Thank you.

Here’s what Administrator Alex wrote on April 21, 2014: "@Imani - I'm really sorry to hear about this. I will ...


Alex, I thank you for your attention to this matter.

nd71, exactly! Therein lies the problem! Each person should have sole control, full ownership over the hints that are created ...

Kcb, the word sì = yes. This HINT was even removed!! I noticed it when I tried to deconstruct this ...

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