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Open Forum on LingQ

Beginner material vs the real thing

@ canuck71 I think Vera is right. I don't know how much work you have done outside of LingQ, but ...

Open Forum in English

Can you ever forget your native language??

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and spent most of the time hanging out with Ukrainians ...

Seriously though. I have met a lot of astronomers who say that since they live away from their home countries ...

I just watched a video of Schwarzenegger speaking German. I think it is clear that having lived so long in ...

My mother was basically a native speaker of Dutch, having grown up in Amsterdam until she was 7. Having had ...

Open Forum on LingQ

World Cup

Go to Austria instead. It is like Germany, but instead of Germans, it is full of Italians pretending to be ...

Was für ein Supertor! I have been saying it from the beginning, nobody and nothing can stop Germany

God, I hope this doesn't go to penalties. I hate penalties.

Things are getting a little messi in the German defence.

Yeah, Germany are so level-headed, especially Kroos!

Germany will certainly win it, but by how many is hard to say.

Open Forum in English

Because, since, as, for

When I wrote that last post, I was thinking more about technical writing, for some reason. I have come across ...

I try my best never to use 'as' in this way when I write. It just leads to difficult and ...

Open Forum on LingQ

World Cup

Are you talking about those awesome lessons he put in the LingQ library where he discusses German reunification with his ...

Isn't it enough just to be happy for your brother Friedemann?

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