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Conversations page: some ideas

Also I want to have an opportunity to send invitations to conversation that I've already signed up. For example I ...

I know lingqers have suggested a lot of improvements to Conversations page. So many, that I can't keep track of ...

LingQ Developer Forum


Mark, thanks :)

Support Forum

Loophole In LingQ's Membership Fees

Adalberto, it is a normal practice to give larger discount if a customer buy more. Moreover LingQ fee for tutoring ...

How to book a conversation on this Sundy - it seems impossible

Nobody? Am I nobody? I use one-slot group discussions a lot :))

offtop it seems now I am on the 'put-an-article-everywhere' stage :)))

For a last minute sign-up a tutor can create a one-slot group discussions

LingQ Developer Forum


I will bump this thread until someone from LingQ HQwrites in this thread and promises to implement it (or rejects)

Won't this list be very-very-very-very-very-very long for some languages?

Expanded wishlist: * get the list of available group discussions with a given participant * get the list of submitted ...

I want to play with LIngQ API, but in fact there are too little methods. I would like to have ...

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

LingQ Avatar

Sanne, I don't think that your Russian avatar has groun enough to be addressed by the patronimic name :p He ...

If you mean, that your avatar's father is Steve, then it would be 'Аватар Стивович', like 'Марк Стивович Кауфман' (Mark ...

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