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what does meilleur mean?

I don't want to be rude or anything, but, you know... Try looking it up. has the answer you're looking for...

c'est le meuilleur moyen d'apprendre une nouvelle langue.
It is the "best" way to learn a new language.
See you.

Meilleur est utilisé avec un nom. C'est le meilleur café de la ville (the best coffee in town)
Le forum de LinQ est meilleur que le forum ABC = is better ....
Attention le meilleur + noun = the best
...est meilleur que = better than
Voilà YannickY
Bonne chance!

davka - many thanks for this input.

While Davidjvl made a very valid point, you single-handedly turned this thread from near-useless to something very informative with those nuggets of information.

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