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"Que veux dire "......"?
I don't understand. Can someone translate this please ?

There is a typo in the text.
it should be "Que veut dire ...?"
= What does ... mean?

Vouloir dire = to mean

For example
Que veut dire le mot "fleur" ?
What does the word "fleur" mean?
Ça veut dire "flower"
It means flower

A synonym is signifier
You can say
Que signifie le mot fleur ?

I've now corrected this typo!
@_MissTake_ - I see you have editor access, so if you notice any typos, feel free to go into the text and correct them :)

@Alex I would like Russian editor access. I appreciate Evgueny's lessons and sometimes there are no space between words and I don't want to bother him for those details. Thanks

Ok, you're good to go now. Thanks for the help!

Спасибо / Merci

Merci!!!! :)

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