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I think the structure of this lesson makes the verb form harder to learn and understand. With single sentences, there is no context to understand who is being referred to and many times the subject is unspoken and assumed. My suggestion is to Focus on just the verb grammar form with supporting pronouns and sentences added. It would make this lesson much more intuitive.

@EmptyNestExpat - Thanks for your feedback. In cases like this it's good to get in touch with the uploader directly. You can find her profile here:

EDIT: his --> her

ozne is a woman...

@mikebond - Ah, my apologies. I've updated my post above. I would have known if I had listened to her lessons... :P

Here, I am. There are some lessons that includes also English translations in my Turkish lessons. This lesson we are talking about is just some decent EXAMPLES FOR INTERMEDIATE learners. I've just checked it again and most sentences have their subject. If you have a particular question, I will happy to help you. THANKS...

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