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New course in Arabic for beginners

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Hi everyone, I have just shared new 4 lessons in the new course in Arabic (Egyptian dialect) step by step خطوة بخطوة , it's for absolute beginners or people who have a little knowledge of the Arabic language, I hope you like it :)


Thanks for the lessons!


You're welcome Jolanda.. I hope they would be helpful

shookran , they're no much lessons of arabic language and it's nice having more course.
maa salama

Thanks! These look interesting...

@danifernandez , @will_tobin1 thank you very much guys for supporting :)

Excuse me, but I can`t see Arab language in language drop-down list...

Also I do not see another beta-languages... Why?


Try this link!


@jolanda, thank you.

But I also do not see other beta-language from menu.


in the link for the "welcome" you find the language. = German = Deutsch = Arabic



@jolanda - really thanks again.

I think that leads to Czech, to Romanian and so on.

But it is not user-friendly way of getting new languages.
As it said in Russian famous movie Операция "Ы" и другие приключения Шурика - Огласите весь список, пожалуйста - Announce the full list, please.

Answer is hear:

Sorry for my inattentiveness.

@ m_essam

can you also share a course for advanced learner please?

@ basti84

actually it's a lot easier for me to share lessons for advanced learners. I'll try to share lessons for "intermediate 2 "
and "advanced1" learners very soon. :)

Congratulations for publishing more lessons for Arabic learners (even if I'm not one)! If you manage to create a lot of content, Arabic would become a supported language and the problems with Arabic lessons would hopefully be fixed.
Good luck with content creation!

@ m_essam

thanks, that's a great idea

I've added 3 lessons to a new course for intermediate learners . here is the link


ups! this is copyright material!

So you can not share it in the library!


@ Jolanda

I think the content is free for any one to download it.. I don't think there's a copyright problem .. but I will delete the lessons if there is a copyright problem :)

@ m_essam

how did you copy the text of those lessons? I tried it also but it failed...

@ basti
I downloaded the text (.doc not the pdf) and copied it... what was the problem that you encountered?

the problem was when I pasted the copied text to another place there appeard some arkward signs instead of the arabic text


Unfortunately on the bottom from the PDF you find the copyright.

"© 2007-2010 Five College Center for the Study of World Languages and Five Colleges,
Incorporated "

You should only unshare the lessons. as a private lesson it is OK!


@ basti
mmm.... I don't know .. that didn't happen when I pasted them.

@ Jolanda
ok .. I'm going to delete them .. thank you for letting me know :)

@ m_essam

It doesn't matter... will you share other lessons instead?

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