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I couldn't figure out the meaning of this sentence.

Pay attention to the phrase before:
Moj dom nie jest any za duzi, any za maly. Jest w sam raz.- It means: My house is not too big or too small, it is as it should be, it suits to me.
'Jest w sam raz' we can use if we talk about the cloths: Ta koszula jest w sam raz.

Mój dom nie jest za dyży, ani za mały. Jest w sam raz. = My house isn't too small and isn't too big either, it has suitable size:) Polish language Idiom like 'w sam raz' is difficult to explain, for example; Czy ta ilość pieniędzy wystarczy? Tak, to będzie w sam raz. Whether this amount of money is going to be ok? Yes, it will be 'w sam raz':) Czy to mieszkanie podoba ci się?Tak, jest w sam raz, zawsze marzyłem o własnym lokum które wygladało by jak to. Do you like this apartment? Yes, it is "w sam raz" , I've always dreamed about apartment whith would look like this does.:) ps. I'm not sure whether my english is corect at all, but I'm hoping it's going to be understandable enough:)

Thank you, i got it:)

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