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Hello everybody, I didn't understand the word "gurgly" in this ...


Hello everybody, I didn't understand the word "gurgly" in this sentence : Woof,' said Timmy, and gulped his ice down in two big, gurgly licks.

I can explain you this word " gurgly " only in French . I think it means " gazouillement en donnant un coup de langue pour manger la glace ". : )

gargling / gurgling - I'd say they are the same word.
Gurgling can be the sound that liquid makes as it drains away.

"gurgly" is the adjective form, I've never seen it used like this before, it's quite funny : )

Hello Agisson & maths

Thank you for your answer, I understood :-)

Have a nice day.

a gurgle = un gargouillement / gargouillis

As Maths told you, gurgly is the adjective form. I don't know how we would say it (the adjective form) in French.

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