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Hello. Please, explain me what the differences between kick, strike and cross are?

Hello dimdim9507,
Many meanings and differences are . But in the similar meaning, Kick is striking or propelling forcibly with the something ( as far as i know mostly by foot ) . ex : The police kicked the door open.
The Strike is hitting forcibly and deliberately with one’s hand or a weapon or other implements. ex : James was struck on the head with a stick.
And unfortunately I've got no answer for Cross.
Good luck

Hi dimdim9507, In the context of football : Kick - is when a footballer makes contact with the ball with his foot - he kicks the ball in a certain direction - to pass the ball to another player on his side for example. Strike - (1) verb -to strike - generally to strike is to hit, in this case it also means to kick the ball but (2) a strike - noun - means a kick specifically to score a goal. For example the team had three strikes at goal in the game. Cross - is when a player passes the ball to another player across the field rather than up or down the field. For example , the player crossed the ball from the right wing ( i.e right side of field) to the left wing or toward the centre of the field. Hope this helps!

kick - corner kick, goal kick or free kick.

strike - a shot at goal / an attempt to score

cross - The ball is played into the opponent's box from either wing (from the left side or the ride side of the field).

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