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The app for Android iLingQ - It is not so good

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Current issues that I have found, App does not sync with site in regards to statistics, frequently when choosing a lesson to open, a blank white page appears, although you can still play the audio of the lesson. and I have courses missing from the "my courses" section. However this is if you can get app running in the first place, it will frequently crash several times before loading, and then sometimes in the middle of a lesson it will just crash. I have also noted some trouble moving a lesson into a playlist, sometimes the lesson will not completely be imported into a playlist, and be stuck at 34% for instance. I thought this was because of a slow connection, so used a much faster wifi connection only to have the same problem. The language I am learning is Russian if that helps in anyway, and I did uninstall the app, and reinstall it just in case only to have the same problems. Love the layout though! Perhaps we can revert back to the old version while this one is on the mend?

The current version for me did not work...even when connected to the internet. So I was able to get copy of old version, and that works..but only when connected to internet .
So I'll see how the brand new version works when it comes out..

Hi I have the same problem. My lesson are not available when I am to listen or read them in my android phone


@crispulido - Be sure to update to the latest version (3.0.5), as this version should fix the issues that appeared in previous versions!

Still doesn't work on an Android Tablet.

@pmilone - Sorry about that! We're still working on other items first, but we'll hopefully get a chance soon to improve the experience on tablets! In the meantime, the site should be working much better on tablets with the new minimized view :)

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