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The app for Android iLingQ - It is not so good

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Hi !!! I'm a little disappointed with the iLingQ's app for Android. I think it doesn't work well. For example. I have 5 courses, with some lessons inside them, in the section "Course page" at my page in the Internet. But at my smartphone doesn't appear all of my lessons. Just appear some quantities of lessons. So, I can not use effortlessly my learning somewhere. Is It correct ?

Just hang on, you are about to see a brand new version which I am sure will make you happy. Give us a few weeks more.

That's a great news!

I use the app every day on my way to and from work and even at home when I use the bike and in bed before sleep.One of the best options Lingqs users have IMHO,

Not that there is anything really wrong with the current Android version but i look forward to any improvements.

Ok !!! Thanks !!! I will wait anxiously !!!

Nowadays this app is my shadow !!! So, it is very important for me have a good app at my smartphone !!!

I also look forward for new app for Android and hope it will take only few weeks :)

The android version is OK if there is NO other choice. It is due for an update for sure.

At the very least something to tell me that LingQ is down for maintenance? The generic "try again" doesn't cut it and causes my phone undue persecution when the problem is at the source.

@GregD - the site shouldn't be down now. Seems to be working fine. Are having issues with the app right now?

I hope the wait is worth it. The current android app is frustrating at best. I use it occasionally but it requires a good bit of patience if I want to open a lesson and the acceptance that any word status I change has about a 80-90 percent chance of actually syncing with the site... even on wifi. No error checking is my guess. Anyway, my point is that when I'm mobile on a phone or tablet, I'm typically using something other than LingQ. LingQ can probably reach a lot more users with a strong mobile experience.

@cgreen0038 - thanks for the feedback! this is exactly what we are working on now :)

@galina - No network issues with the app right now, nor at the time I posted the comment (#31410). I was reacting to what the client "sees" when LingQ is unavailable all around. If one were to browse to she/he would see that the site "is down for maintenance". If one were to fire up the Android app there would be no such feedback or indicator to the user that LingQ "is down for maintenance". She/he simply sees "try again".... and again. The only object left to receive blame at that point is the mobile device itself. I have no love-loss for my Android device and it receives the full brunt of my frustration. lol

Thank you for checking up on my somewhat "muddy" comment. I appreciate the chance and time to clarify.

@GregD - thanks a lot for the clarification! I see what you mean now. I agree. We will see what we can do here to avoid blaming your device which is absolutely innocent in this case :)

It may seem like a pie-in-the-sky request since if the site is down for maintenance there would technically be no service to tell the app that there is maintenance going on but, as a mere user of the LingQ tools, I leave that to the devs and staff.

I have an iPhone, I'm not sure how it is on the android but it works pretty good for me. It is a bit buggy, from time to time it will crash or it won't load the LingQs but usually its pretty good for what I use it for. I hadn't been to in a while up until recently and thought the only app there was, was the previous one for just flashcards but the new one is a lot better.

I have 19 courses for Czech, and on the new app I only see 8 in "My Courses." I don't see a way to search for or add my missing courses. If I tap the + icon in the upper right, I am brought to a seemingly random selection of courses and my missing courses are not included there as options to be added. Please advise. For example, I was focusing on "Eating Out" on the old app, and now on the new app I don't seem to have it and can't see a way to get it added.

P.S. I'm ASSUMING that the new app is the one I am now using - I hadn't updated in a while, and now after a factory reset of my phone and reinstall of iLingq, the app i have looks very different. Maybe there's an even newer one coming out that's the one being referred to, however?


@huntbot - sorry about that! we are still working on some issue including the one you have described. We are going to push an update soon which should fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I also have some problems with the courses and lessons I see on my android devices. I have a few showing, but it seems quite random for me which are shown and which are not. It would be nice if the latest added where shown, or even better, if I could see all my lessons and courses.

@galina - Thank you very much for the info.

@snorrews - the "My courses" page on the app works the same as the Learn page (not the Library page) on the website. Would you check please if your courses shown on the app are the same as on the website, Learn page? For a new course to be added to the "My courses" list, you have to open at least one lesson in that course (same for the website). After that it should appear in your list of courses. Please let me know if it makes sense.

@huntbot - just wanted to add that the list of New Courses shown on the app is now quite limited. It should be extended in the future.

"it seems quite random for me which are shown and which are not"
I noticed that it shows only courses with unknown words (at least android app). So if I wont download lessons in app lib I deliberately leave at least one word blue. Hope it will work better soon..
Problem is much worse - unable to import lectures, but that's another story
( )

@Denton - the courses shown on the app should be the same as on your Learn page on the website (not My Lessons page). You are right about courses with 0 new words. The app is now hiding the courses with no new words. We have passed this issue to our development team. They will look into it. Hope to have it fixed soon!

@galina - thanks, I hope too

+1 for the new Android app. The current one is unusable due to its so many problems.

My Japanese lessons are missing on the Android app. Is this part of the bug too? Do you have an eta for fixing it? I will not be renewing my subscription if this is not fixed by end of the month.

@scotto - We are very sorry about that. We will have a new version out by the end of the week which should resolve these issues.

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