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Steve, in one of your recent videos, you talked about how you like to go through quickly on your computer and lingq unknown words and then study the lessons on your ipad. But you also said in the video that you assign meaningful lings to the new words. How do you make sure that you're assigning meaningful LingQs while still going through the words very quickly?

I sometimes read again on the computer if I find bad LingQs while reading on the iPad, or if I want to Tag.

I forgot to add that if I don't like the User Hints while going through quickly, I go to the dictionary. It still goes quite quickly. Does that answer your question?

If you go to the dictionary, isn't it difficult to select the appropriate meaning if you're not actually reading the article, but just going through the new words? You won't really know what the context is. I would also like to lingq quickly and then read on my ipad, but I find I spend time using the dictionary and linking phrases and things. So I just do it all on my computer. Maybe I'll try it your way and see how it goes.

No, sometimes the Hints or google translate are obviously wrong, then I go to the dictionary, but I don't worry about fine tuning it to the context, that will come eventually.

So would you say then that whatever benefits come from fine tuning the hints to the context aren't worth the time spent doing it? Time that could otherwise be spent going through content.

Would you lingq like this even when working with beginner content?

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