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Hello Steve! You may or may not have been question with this question. What will happen to lingq after you have entered the other world? By that, I mean old age. Will the site be shutdown or continue? Who will be the next president of lingq?

I want lingq to keep going long after you have passed on, for the future language learners to come. Please tell us if you have a plan for lingq if...... this were to happen in the future. To some people, lingq is a job, such as mikebond says on his profile," LingQ is currently my only source of income", and to others is a easy way of getting some of the best language learning podcast and services. If lingq were to shutdown, the members would be terribly devastated about the loss of one of the best resources for language learning.

Steve, will give us all shares in the company off course. The higher your activity score the more shares you get.

So get learning :-)

LingQ isn't going anywhere and nor am I.

Truth is, I suspect the thought about what will happen to LingQ has crossed all our minds. But judging by his ridiculously-super fitness, I'll wager he'll be at least 101!

Mark is the CEO and mastermind of LingQ. I am just a learner and enjoying it tremendously.

If Steve and Mark are the Geschäftsmänner that I think they are they'll already have an exit strategy in mind. (Selling to Live Mocha or Rosetta Stone for X million bucks maybe? :-D)

I've never seen an elder work out that much. He's probably gunna be around for a loooong time.

@Steve I really want you to live till you're 115 years old. That would be awesome. Longest living Canadian of all time, I'd suspect.

@sprits I don't think they would out to their competitors.

OzzyHellBack, I don’t like your question. No day is promised to any of us. Youth is no guarantee to long life; being older doesn’t mean one is nearly spent up. My grandmother passed away two months ago, she was almost 100. My aunt passed away over two decades ago when she was 38.

edit: it was over two decades ago—Ah, your question really hit a nerve!

yes, Imai one never really know's how long we have here. Life is fragile. I lost my oldest sister to cancer in 2003 when she was 35 a mother of two young children and my mother in 2011 (62) to cancer also. I don't mean to sound negative but the truth is you really don't have a clue how long you will live so we just need to make everyday count.

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