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Russian Olympic Opening of The 2014 Sochi Winter Games

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You don't say, Steve, The tension of figure skating and the drama that can unfold (like it did last night when our best man Pluschenko withdrew from the competition due to essentially being an invalid with metal and plastic parts inside his spine which finally caught up to him) - are on their own level. Figure skating is also an artistic endeavour. A sport where you can begin to feel particular affection for some skaters. Like the young Yulia Lipnitskaya who has charmed, it seems, everyone, with not only her superb physical skill, but more than that with her artistry, innocence and earnestness when she skates. That look on her face. If you saw it, you'd immediately fall in love and want to adopt her.


Are you saying that you've never been charmed by a luger?

David, I indeed haven't. Maybe I haven't watched enough luge. It's pretty impersonal though. They get into the sled, covered head to toe with the helmet and suit, zip through the tunnel and that's that.

I think luge is a fantastic spectator sport, so varied, so expressive, so artistic. Much better than figure skating. There should be more luge events, not just singles and doubles, but also 4 man luge.

Not a luge fan myself. Probably fun to do, but really boring to watch. When it comes to figure skating, I enjoy women's individual competition. I don't like to watch ice dancing or off-ice dancing, for that matter. I don't like men's figure skating. Women were made for delicately prancing around on the ice. If you make men's figure skating into a combat sport, perhaps arming them with hockey sticks and being allowed to use skate blades as weapons, I'll watch.

I think that the lack of winter combat sports in the olympics is unfortunate. Let the biathletes shoot at each other. Take an african elephant, dress him up as a woolly mammoth, and see which team can bring him down the fastest. Finally, a good use for african elephants.


I'm guessing you missed the Dutch Giraffe killing championship?

Damnit! Did anybody save the video?

Oops, I meant Danish.

I'd congratulate the Canadian men's hockey team but it would be like congratulating the US basketball team. They are too good. They can play bad and still squeak out a victory.

After watching the Finns demolish the the US, I think that the Canadians had better have their A game against the Swedes. In hockey, any of the top 6 teams can win any game.

I will really miss the Olympics. I'm not used to watching winter sports on TV (I'm not used to seeing snow at all actually) and it was refreshing. I particularly liked the fact that they added new sports. I look forward to PyeongChang.

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