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Russian Olympic Opening of The 2014 Sochi Winter Games

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Don´t judge us. We´re just trolling.^^

I honestly think that the Russians might be trolling themselves with those uniforms.

Most likely Putin made the Germans wear those uniforms to look like they are trolling him but in reality it is him trolling them.

I was referring to the volunteer uniforms.

Maybe it was done to offset the work of Mastertroll Merkel?

And I was referring to the awesomeness and the almighty-ness of the baddest man on Earth Vladimir!!! Putin!!!

P.S. The uniforms reflect the traditional Russian ornaments. Also, the bright colors of the whole event and the cultural and historical references that they picked to showcase in the Opening Ceremony are meant, I think, among other things, to show Russia from a different point of view.

"P.S. The uniforms reflect the traditional Russian ornaments. Also, the bright colors of the whole event and the cultural and historical references that they picked to showcase in the Opening Ceremony are meant, I think, among other things, to show Russia from a different point of view."

Of course! I don't actually think that there is a conspiracy or anything :p

Apparently Ralph Lauren was appealing to the Russian sense of fashion with those "Ugly Christmas Sweater" uniforms. ,can you believe that those are all sold out on Lauren's website? Oh well Olympic uniforms have never been important nor the height fashion.Its the athletic endeavor where the true beauty lies.

I think we all get wrapped up in cheering for our team and hope they do well. But there is usually lots of good will towards all competitors. I remember in Whistler, a Canadian girl broke her ski pole in a Nordic event a Norwegian standing alongside the course gave her a new pole and she finished third or something, ahead of some Norwegians.

At the Junior Hockey tournament in Ufa a year or so ago, the Russians and Canadians cheered loudly for their own teams but got along fine, and even arranged a friendly hockey game between parents of both teams and a good time was had by all.

I actually like the sweater and the little hat. I could do without the peacoat though.

haha That's awesome Steve. The parents of Russian and Canadian hockey players are naturally hockey players themselves.

Putin the baddest man on earth????? You obviously never met my man Ice Cube THE baddest man on any world Truth

As for Latvia, that is a long story and when I get off Korean, if you offer a Russian conversation at LingQ, nebulae, I will sign up and I am sure it would make for a lively discussion.

I missed the opening. I still remember the Winter Olympics of 2010 held in Vancouver, and remember the opening vividly. I remember watching them going from torch to torch across Canada. That was one of our Countries finer moment's when we won 14 goal medals, breaking the old record. I still remember Sydney Crosby making that amazing shot and solidifying our place in history.

Mostly I remember the festive mood in the city. Everybody was downtown every night. Every day was one long party. And the weather even cooperated. Beautiful sunshine in February.

I am sorry I am not in Sochi.

I'm sorry for not being in Sochi too. If only I had the money, I would travel to Russia and learn Russian while enjoying the games. But all of it is only a dream, a fantasy of one's desires to be at an Olympic Game. Unfortunately not everyone has the luck or like I've said," The Money" to go to one. It is very shameful though. The opening was fantastic, if only I was really there to enjoy it.

Save your money for the World Cup in June!

ad Paul: Do you have any idea if the people who presented the German uniforms were the actual athletes or models? (I'm afraid I don't know too many athletes by their looks). If they were all athletes, then wow .........The woman in the middle of the picture almost looks like an angel ...;_)


Maybe your angel has a name:


It´s weird to see a German team where most athletes have German-sounding names...

Soccer Team:
Neuer, Aogo, Boateng, Höwedes, Lahm, Khedira, Özil, Müller, Podolski, Klose, Gomez,

Olympic Team:
Angermüller, Pechstein, Schneider, Thöne, Wischnewski, Hüfner, Neureuther, Kröckel, Szolkowy,

ad Jolanda: Danke :-)

The Dutch apparently always win at speed skiing?????

No, this has to be speed skating!!! Yes, they are always relatively strong with that, it is quite popular: Lots of flat ice traditionally. Alass, no mountains to be seen in the Netherlands, so speed skiing is not their strong point.


Congratulations to the amazing Orange machine. Just saw them sweep a race in speed skating.

Kind of makes me want to learn Dutch if it would improve my skating. Last time on our way through Schiphol we bought three large chunks of aged Gouda. We are still eating it. My skating has not improved though.

I have never seen snow in my lifetime!
But I can walk down to the beach whenever I like:)~

@Paul - I saw my maiden name amongst the soccer team names you listed, lol

Steve: The beauty of the Norwegian team members makes want to learn their language. As for Latvia, I'd rather talk about something else.

Ozzy and Steve: I will regret forever that I'm not in Sochi. From all the way here in NYC it seems that the Russians are having a grand time. There are few things as energizing as being one with your people in body and in mind (or whatever the expression is). I think the Games are very good for Russia's spirit.

Julz, have you seen the snow on TV at least?

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