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Transcription Services For Chinese Video

At times I still need transcription for Chinese video content I listen to on the internet. Recently I watched a lot of Voice Of America current affairs programs but they don't provide transcriptions on their website. Does the Lingq team have experience with online transcription services? I do not need a translation, only the Chinese transcript is what I need. The video material is availabe for free at the VOA website and I would of course provide the link, most of the discussions I am interested in are about 20 minutes in length.

@Friedemann - Transcription is one of the services available through the Exchange. Perhaps try posting a video and seeing if anyone responds. If you don't get any responses you can just delete the request and recoup your points.

@Friedemann - Hello, Friedemann Rohr, I am a Chinese girl from mainland, you can call me Grace. If you still want it, please send me the link, I can help you, and I have already invited you in Skype. Skype: grace chew

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