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Anyone interested in learning Sanskrit?

I'm just curious. I know I have an interest in it and I wonder if that's common or not. I know two yoga teachers here in the US who actually went to the UK for a few months for indepth study in the language and one who learned it herself using books from Amazon. So I figure there must be a real interest in it. Yet it's not easy to find methods or classes of study here in the U.S. In the U.K. where there is more indian immigration it is much easier to find.


Not me fo sho. A big part of the world speaks it though, so someone's gotta be interested.
EDIT: I'm not (very) stupid. I meant Hindi.

I am a little bit interested in Sanskrit, because I have learnt Ancient Greek and Latin already. However, the Sanskrit script and its being a non-European language, are holding me back from it. Not to mention that I am already studying several languages. Maybe in 10-20 years...

I am from India and Sanskrit language has always fascinated me. I would love to learn it but people keep on telling that it is unimaginably complicated. Mikebond, I know the Devnagari script as I know two languages which use it - Hindi and Marathi. I also know the Dravidian script used by the language Malayalam. If can wholeheartedly help you if you want to learn any of these.

With its complicated grammar and seemingly endless vocabulary, Sanskrit is not an easy language to learn, but it offers many rewards to anyone interested in ...

The Sanskrit is not a difficult language. Sanskrit is an Indo-European language with many similarities to European languages ​​from the same Family. For example: Bhrata, in English: Brother. Of course. I do not know Sanskrit, but I am interested in this.


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