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Thanks. My ears just perk up when I hear the words "API" and I like to tinker with things. So hopefully I'll have the time to create something useful.

As for the webbrowser... yeah it's way too slow. I'll try and wrap up the python program that does it correctly. But to be honest, my next task (a crossword puzzle generator) has captured my interest and I think it'll be infinitely more useful

Shaun, how do I determine what will appear on your subliminal speed flash cards.

It's pulling whatever is returned by the repetition-lingqs API call. You'll have to get the specifics from the developers but the docs say "Returns list of LingQs of the day for the last 5 days."


Can you make so that we can create a list in the vocab section using Tags. They we define what we want to appear on the front of our flashcards. Then that determines what shows up in your hyper flashcard review?

Certainly could. However, it'll take an API change on your side. The calls to get all your LingQs and the call to get LingQs ready for review do NOT return the tag info. So if your developers add that it in it's childs play from there.

While we're on the subject, it would be nice if those calls took a "status" parameter -- so you could only grab words with particular statuses. Nice addition but not really needed.

I will only get into trouble if I bother the programmers with this now, leave it with me. Thanks.

Understandable. I'm not going anywhere so when the API is updated we an updated. I've got 7 months to learn German. That's plenty of time to write some cool LingQ apps

OK Thanks and as I said, ask Jolanda any questions you have about Switzerland.

Well you may be on to something Steve

Talks about phrases and your subconscious mind

Anything ever happen with this?

I mean I've been fooled before with pyramid schemes, time shares and that mail order bride which was just papier mache but I AM SURE that subliminal learning is the next logical step.

Ehrlicheweise...I'd be interested in knowing if anything came up again.

I still use these scripts to review my lingqs while rowing or even doing the dishes...

Will this work on a Mac?

And how do I know what the language code is?

It works on any OS with a modern browser - I use it on my iPad mainly. The language code is often shown in the page address of a lesson where XX is the two letter language code.

@spatterson The hosted github version doesn't work anymore - unexpected character in burn.js >>>>>

Could you please take a look? Your script is great for handsfree learning :)

Will do tomorrow.

Actually I converted it to (essentially) a learning screen saver at work using a spare monitor.

Fixed (??). Didn't test it. Too tired right now

Yep, works now. Thanks!

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