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What is the difference between 谈话 and 会话?

What is the difference between 谈话 and 会话?

谈话has two meaning: talk;statment
会话means conversation.
They are quite different words.

The girls sit next to me ,they talk ( 談話)(noun)。
We meet and shopping and talk (談話)。

To learning English conversation (會話)

This is book of English ( to show you how to conversation with others to use which words)

Words have two fire on, active on word.
I 談business with David.

Able do it .

I 會speak Chinese today .

Both can be the noun "conversation", but in this instance 谈话 is a verb meaning to talk or to hold a conversation. 会话 usually only acts as a noun.

Also, there is a typo at the end of this lesson.


“会学校了” should be “回学校了”. They "returned" to the school.

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