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Hello, my name is ajir. i'm from indonesia, just graduated from university.
i would like to have conversation in english to practice my speaking skill. so please add me
skype id: hazzir12
anyone is fine ^_^

hello! make friend with me and learn english !
my skype:

Add me on Skype for English conversation
Skype id: akber.aly2

i m ACCA finalist... from Karachi Pakistan... I want to improve my conversation skill / speaking skill as well as also preparing for IELTS examination for Australia. My skype id is (faisal.khan9182)

Hello. I'm a female looking forward to make new friends & practice my English speaking skill via
skype. I love to travel & very passionate about photography. So that gives me a strong reason why I need to improve my spoken English. My skype id : myshutterclick

I am new here and want to learn English in every skill if someone help me I willbe very thankful to him and if he wants to learn pashto I Will help him.

Hi, Please add me on skype. My id: sudarsan.patra


hello, nice to meet you. i'm chinh i'm from vietnam.
i am very happy to make friend with you. i'm learning english, so i want to have many friends from all over the world. i'm very happy if you are possible, my skype is :chinhchinh and you?
thank you very much.

I'm Cezar I want to pratice and to learn english my english is not very good but I am very interesting in to learn .. Please someone invite me for pratice

My skype : CL Import

Anyone from Karachi who is preparing for ielts can join me
Skype id: akber.aly2

ACCA, finance professional, preparing for IELTS, want to improve fluency and speaking skill. Please add me at skype faisal.khan9182

Hello people!

I am from Karachi and preparing for IELTS exam so I need a partner for IELTS preparation from Karachi.
Interested people can contact me by email at:*****

am computer programmer from india..i want improve my English communication skill..any one interested please add me
Skype Id: Sabithkp

Hello ,

I am Ferni, india and im looking for intermediate and advanced level English speaking peoples.
My skype id is : fernijacob


Hey, I want to improve my English too. So here's my skype id: khoi_nguyen3010

Hi. I have been learning English for long time on my own. I have learned much and now I want to improve my spoken English and want to brush up my speaking skills.

my Skype id is: learner_learner

hi guys.
i want to improve my english skills.i am totally free after 19:00.our time zone(+3:30 from london)
add me to have conversation.

My name is Caroline, 22. I'm from Brazil. I don't speak very well and I really would like your help to improve my English.

Hey there!

This is Twinkle, 21, from India. A Writer, Blogger and currently an Audience Development strategist - that's (not really) all about me!

The reason I'm here is well, to find a partner whom I can converse with so as to get a fine grip on my speaking skills. Just in case you're wondering, yes, my level of English is Advanced. I simply need to gain more confidence in interacting with people around.

If you find yourself compatible, contact me at oshin_14x on Skype.

P.S. If you do, please mention what level you are at, and that you found me on LingQ.

Hi there!

My name's Enzo. I'm 16 and I live in Paris, France ! I'm looking for someone to speak English with!
As I would like acquire the British accent, it would also be perfect if this person had this accent!
My Skype is Enzo.falsanisi !
Thank ya all! See you soon!

I agree with you

Hi everybody. I´m from Brazil and agree everyone who like to improve english. Can be brazillian too.bye

My user name on Skype: andre.camara.da.silva

Hi all, if anybody wants to practise english with a 32 year old guy from the Czech republic feel free to contact me (id tegiss32). My english level is about B1 so don't expect much from me as well as I don't want you to be a perfect english speaker (it'll be great to have some chat with native speaker but be realistic). Just one warning: I'm pretty cynical and not interested in talking about my or your private life and stuff like that. So if you want to have a discussion about (from my point of view) interesting topics like history, literature, music, movies (I like movies and tv series but haven't seen many so far :omg there's not much to talk about what I'm doing here? :))) add me. If not try to find someone else cause like I said I am not a nice guy :) (well, now and then I am)

hi everybody. im reza from mother tongue in english proficiency is at intermediate level. i wanna improve my english and also learning spanish(absolute beginner)
my skype id : reza.sharifipour

Hello, I am from the Czech Republic. I look for friends to speak on Skype. I prefer people from Europe, but another countries can be too.I would like improve my English. My skype ID: sacka525

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