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hello ,first i want to thank this site for helping me so far, i meet some great people on skype and we talk daily.Yes we are not in speaking but we strive for our goal.anyone wants to join me my skype id is abhid21 .

note:Stupid and self-centred people dont bother.if you add someone that doesnt means you will be available for them anytime.respect other persons valuable time.

Hi Guys! I´m Rafael, from Brazil.
I am a native Portuguese speaker, looking for a English chat, about any topic.

In scale of 1 to 10, my English it´s about 5. So, I need to practice so many as I can.

My skype: rafaelkapela

Thanks for all

Hi, looking for english conversation on Skype with anyone about (almost) any topic. I'm male, 35, from Italy. I'm also available for italian conversation, especially for english-italian exchange. My english level is intermediate.

Skype id: funlover.79

Have a nice day! :)

Hi, I am from Vietnam. I can speak English, not so well , but I’m friendly and good at communication. I’m quite busy all day long, free after 9 p.m. ( GMT+0700 Asia/Bangkok) . Give me a call if you want to speak English, or just simply need a friend.

Best wishes,
My skype: kay.hanle

Hi , I am Akas,

Living in Bangladesh. my english is Intermediate, i want to find people who also want to improve english speaking to improve together, if you have same target with me.

Please add, my skype: azad_bbc

welcome all, i can help you in Bengali If you want.

Hi everyone. I'm a Vietnamese man in forty. I'd like to find anyone who want to improve English speaking.
Please add: jim.nguyen16
Welcome all.

Hi my name is Ahmed and i want to speak english with some of you only practice i mean

My skype : knife12329

Please add me

Hi I am looking for someone who wants to have a conversation in english for more practice time

My skype: knife12329

Add me

Thank you:-) :-) :-)

I'd like to talk in english with somebody, my skype is cc.sertori

Hi all! I would like to talk English with every body, Add my Skype phi60801530. My name is Thomas

hello,my skype id is: clearwater0707
i'm from china and i want to improve my english by practising through skype

Hi everyone.
I'm sunny. I'd like to find anyone who want to improve English on skype.
Please add: sunnykothiyal

I`M WILLING TO CHAT IN ENGLISH add me on skype mantaslenksas

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for partners for English conversation via skype.
Add me: angrigoriev


I would like to talk with people, change cultures information, improve my English and teach, if necessary, my language.

See you.

Hi guys !!
My name is Hasan.From Turkey. I have been looking for conversation friend. If you want talk about anything add me
Skype : hasan.evrensel01

Hello, my name Stanislav. I am from Slovakia. My skype name: speedman139. Add me, please. I like conversation in English

Hello People
I am from Karachi Pakistan and would like practice spoken English on Skype.
Interested people can add me on Skype for conversation.
Skype id: akber.aly2

Hello guys:

I am preparing for ielts and I have some hesitation in speaking section so if anyone from Pakistan or from around the globe who would like to speak with me can add me on Skype.
My Skype id is: akber.aly2

Hello speakers

I am a fluent English speaker and would like to maintain my speaking ability
If anyone interested to join me add me.
My Skype id is:

Hi Guys!
Those who would like to join me for conversation can add me on Skype.
Skype id: akber.aly2

Hi guys!

I'm from Brazil, I need to practice with someone to improve my english skills, if you want talk with me on skype, contact me: learningenglishbrazil

Available for English conversation on Skype.
Add me.
Skype id: akber.aly2

my name sam from jordan , now study in usa , am looking for conversation in englsih to improve my language ,
skybe id :sameer.sabbah1

English conversation on Skype.
Add me.
Skype id: abhid21

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