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English speaking practise via Skype

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If anyone interested in English can join me on Skype for speaking
Skype id: akber.aly2

I m from Pakistan, Finance Professional, want to improve my speaking skills. Please add me at skype faisal.khan9182

hello everyone! I want to improve my speaking English.If you can help me,please contact me at skype id:ryn2711

I am from INDIA and would like practice spoken English on Skype.
Interested people can add me on Skype for conversation.
Skype id:mahajan1002

Hi I am Japanaese residing in France. I need to practise Oral English for the professional reason, I am looking for people who are also interested in learning English like me and want to practise it regulary. Please let me know if you're interested in my profil. Thank you in advance :)

Hello everyone. I am a Japanese residing in France. I need to practise English for the professional reason, so I am looking for people who are interested in chatting in English. If you think that you can chat with me regularly like 2 times per week, please send me a message. Thank you in advance. :)

Hi, what´s up?
I am looking for people to talk via skipe for improve my english. I understand and read very well however i have a difficult in conversation and need practice.
Thank you.
my user name email is acs_camara at hotmail dot com

Hi everybody , I'm Hadi Noori from Iran.
I wanted to communicate with anyone that wanna learn English as well like me.
So anytime you can contact me plz don't hesitate it. My skype ID is :abcdefg87287 Also my viber & what's app is :00989126201795
Tnx & regard

hi all,

I am Civil engineer from Pakistan, I consider my English is good but to keep fluency on the same level i want to practice by speaking and want to give 1 hour daily. If some one interest add me "skype ID" zubair.kotli, thanks

Hi everyone . I am a korean hoghschool student as ESL.
I want to make some friend!
Would you be my friend? Learn english together by talking and sharing knowledge.

Especially , someone who is christian is preferred by me ! Because i am learning bible!

Skype: wooyongpark96 add me!!

Aloha, I'm into improve over ten languages, I'll be glad to help anyone if your desire for languages is deep, even though I have not much moments available to chat, surely we can talk further more when there's a good opportunity. Thus let's do it together and go beyond, my skype is vitor.odveza and at least I can show you the way to learn how to learn any language...
ps.: Made in Rio, Brazil

Hello everyone,

I'm a native english speaker and I live in the UK. I'm happy to help anyone who is serious about wanting to learn English. Add me on Skype, and we can work on improving your English skills. I want to do this in my free time, so I might not always be around. Whenever I AM around, we can talk.

My skype ID is: EFWhaha.

If I do not get back in touch with you immediately, please do not feel bad about this. I will try to get back to whoever contacts me. Obviously I cannot sit at my computer 24/7. :D

Take care, and hope to hear from people soon. :-)

Hi all, if anybody wants to practise english with a 32 year old guy from the Czech republic feel free to contact me (id tegiss32). My english level is about B1 so don't expect much from me as well as I don't want you to be a perfect english speaker (it'll be great to have some chat with native speaker but be realistic). Just one warning: I'm pretty cynical and not interested in talking about my or your private life and stuff like that. So if you want to have a discussion about (from my point of view) interesting topics like history, literature, music, movies (I like movies and tv series but haven't seen many so far :omg there's not much to talk about what I'm doing here? :))) add me. If not try to find someone else cause like I said I am not a nice guy :) (well, now and then I am)

Hi my name is MUKUND.I AM FROM INDIA. I AM WORKING AS A TRAINER AND COACH. I consider my English is good but to be fluent and to improve and polish morel i want to practice by speaking and want to give 1 hour daily. If some one is interested can add my Skype mukund.chauhan6

hey guyz hope your doin good
i would like to request native english speakers to please help me improve my spaeking skills and fluency. i am an assiduous and hard working guy n need some assisstance from you guyz.
i am good at speaking but at times there are certain things that i cannot deliver what's in my mind.
my skype ID : hassan.mushtaq13

hi everybody. im reza from mother tongue in english proficiency is at intermediate level. i wanna improve my english and also learning spanish(absolute beginner)
my skype id : reza.sharifipour

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