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@Jamie - we are sorry for this inconvenience, but now the priority is to protect the site and prevent future malicious attacks. We will see what we can do to make it more convenient and easier for our members. Thanks for your understanding!

you have updated? Nothing chanched.
Edit or delete isn't possible, and if I try to use again and again the captcha, suddenly my writing is there more often, even there is written I have to correct the mistake.

UPS, I wanted to write to Alex - it was another Thread - and now I am here. It is mysteriously.

The captcha seems to be easier at the moment. I can read the letters better (but perhaps that is due to day light?) and I've noticed that when I press "Enter" within the Captcha box, it seems to work better than clicking "Post".

We are planning to change the captcha, but I find that this one is getting easier, and I am afraid that we won't like the new much better. WE will see.

Last week I saw a captcha consisting of a question and four icons. You were supposed to click the correct icon. Perhaps that is a good solution for LingQ? Sorry that I don't remember which site it was.

It is much better now! The numbers are clear.


What happens here? Minutes before, there were numbers, really good to read.
Now, there is text, two parts. One part is good to read, the other not.

@all - Our initial fix here was to replace the Captcha with the standard reCaptcha so that it is a bit easier to read and can be refreshed if you would like a new Captcha. Next up we'll see if we can also add some logic to have the Captcha only show say for new members or after a certain number of consecutive posts.

Captcha is divided into two parts. Do we have to put both of them?

I did put both, and I was able to post successfully.
The edit function is working fine.

Some are numbers, and some are alphabets.

Thanks for changing the captcha! These digits are easier to read! I am now able to post with only one attempt, that's fine!


No twisted characters?

What's the problem? If you can't read the numbers or letters then you can refresh it and get a new set. You can find something readable with one or two clicks.

I've seen this kind of captcha used in lots of places and it doesn't bother me.

@LingQ team: thank you for the no-captcha!

The problem with the captcha was not to have them with numbers,
the problem was, to have them with letters, because they weren't to read.

Now, I don't have captchas anymore, thanks LingQ!

I managed to post this in zero captcha attempts! Cool!

"To comment login[sic] or sign up for a free account"
If you do not log in, you will see the above message at the bottom of the page.

The next step would be to guard the forum for discussion (of everything under the sun) from low-tech spammers disguised as "members" who only want to get your Skype IDs.

Test: Do I need Captcha or not to be able to post?


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