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Daily English practice group on skype

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Hi..we are group of people round the globe helping and improving english speaking skill on skype(only voice calls).Write your skypeid and i will add you..!!


Off topic, but how do I avoid getting pulled into a group like this? Over the past year or so the number of english learning groups that trick me into answering calls has grown. Here is one way it happens. I'll exchange Skype IDs with someone who is interested in language exchange, and they will call me on Skype. When I answer them, I find myself in an english practice group. Another way it happens - someone obtains my Skype ID, second hand I assume, and a group of people will start calling me with no warning.

In either case, I find the best way to deal with these people is to block them. Deleting them doesn't work, because they'll just call anyway. Trying to explain to them the benefits of one-on-one doesn't work either, because what they really want to do is talk in groups.


I have had the same thing happen to me a few times. The first time I just made an excuse and left after ten minutes. Now I just don't answer calls for group chats unless I am told about what I am getting into. One time, out of frustration, I had to say to a group that called me several times a week that I'm simply too busy to teach them English for free.

It's terribly awkward being expected to lead a group conversation. I do feel bad, though, since most of the people I see asking for such conversations come from poor countries.


Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this.

I wonder if ahmed220v and others would consider sending a text message before calling, letting us know that they aren't doing language exchange, and maybe describing what they expect from a native speaker.

my skype : thaovyk47
i want to make friend with people. nice to meet you all!
and i want to learn english so if you want to learn english let add my ID

Hi, me too I want to participate in this group.

Add me please : ItsMourad13



Hello, I'm from Indonesia. Here's my skype: varnsz :)

hello add me fofo.gag thinks

Hi, Skype: globalprospect

i want to improve my english but i dont no how can i

Good job man, please add me lucaspayne

junaidkabir is myn :) add me also

Hello guys, my name is Gustavo and i am from Brazil. I am a keen for learning english and i would like to meet some people to practice english and make new friends. My skype is gustavo.coghi.

Thanks Everybody,

add me : dan.tan1984

hi Nourhan_samy1 my skype id ty

hi , it's my ID : sangarguloglu

so i am here for practice my English language - i would be grateful to add me in your English class to progress and learn more - any how i am in intermediate level i think and so eager to learn more.
with Best wishes

My SKYPE ID is shapour.khodaparast

hi, my skype ID atik_it07

I need some upper level English speakers (I am an intermediate learner)They got to be very serious learners.Here my Skype id banerjeept

Hi, me too I want to participate in this group.
add me also Skype ID: imran.yaqoob6

Myself is vijay maurya.i want to practice english.kindly add me .my skype id is vijay.maurya467

my id : abhid21

please add me to practise our English together and I promise to help you if I am not busy even if you are still beginner


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