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Hi. I learn English. Help me please. Could you give me Skype adress. I Teach Turkish I can teach Turkish.
I would like to practice english with someone , if you are interested, add me, thank you
my skype id: yekta062

hi any body want practice english with me add me cameopk

Hello guys! My name is Douglas from Costa Rica, I speak English and Spanish. I want to make new friends and practice English as well. My level of English is advanced, so probably I can help you. Add me, preferably Females. My skype' name is douglas.sibaja1

Hello every body :)
l'm looking for some one who can help to develop my skills in english ( speaking ) I speak French very well and arabic to and just a little chienese :)
add me on skype: mj-didou i'm waiting your add

hi ! everyone my name is viettran . i really like to learn more english ! may skype: tranviet2103 nice to meet u !

hi gus!
Can you help me to improve speaking english.
i live in Da Nang city, Viet Nam, Asian.
i can teach you VietNamese and any thing i know

My skype : truongviaibi

Do you want to know all about Viet Nam?
Do you want to tralve in Viet Nam?and do you want to Da Nang city in Viet Nam.
You can stay at my home and have breafast, have luch, have diner with my family

Add me on skype: Truongviaibi

My English's name is Robert

any body want english practice fluently add me skype cameopk

Hi , I'm VIETTRAN from VN and I would like to practice english, make friends from all over the world ,if you are interested in the culture of VN or want to improve english together ,call me on the skype.

my skype is: tranviet2103

Hi All,
This is Prashanth from India. I would like to improve my english communication skills especially eager to learn American/British accents. Please send me your request to my Skype:"jaitelangana10" or my gmail ID: "[email protected]".

Hi everyone,
I'm from Vietnam and i want to find someone to practice English with me.
Just want to talk with someone who will share anything about their countries and me too :)
Nice to meet you all .
My skype is kimlongap

Hello, my name is rachid i would like to practice english with someone , if you are interested, add me, thank you my skype id is RACHID

Who wants to speak english fluently just add me, this will be a serious teaching, I'm wiling to make a USD 1 per 30 mins. class, if you are willing just contact me on my Skype, I can provide perfect teaching. Payment will be on Western Union or we might talk about it on Skype , Skype: laurence0936

Hey guys :).
I'm a guy from Saudi Arabia and I'm 23 years old . I just finished my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering two months ago and I'd like to practice speaking English and I'm semi fluent and aiming to be fluent in English
feel free to add me :)
skype: kfupmer1991

Hi, everyone!

I love making new friends! This is my Skype: aryel.lanes

Hit me up and let's have fun together! I accept pretty much anyone. :)

I want to improve my english skill and also I want to meet new friends from all over the world!
Add me and you won't regret it! :D ID: luis.calzadilla25

Hi, my name is Modesta. I would like to practice english with someone and met new friend.:) This is my Skype: modeliuks9.

My name is Travis and I'm a student at Northwestern University. I enjoy connecting with students from around the world and are doing interviews for my project. You can find me on twiter @travis_granger or @TeamArbyl

hi friends any body interested english practise add me skype cameopk

Hey, guys! Mine is: benhur.lanes
Hope to hearing from you soon! :)

Hi, I'm an English teacher.I want to speak with any one who is upper intermediate or advanced levels. I'm also preparing for an IELTS exam. if you interested to speak to me in English please join me at Skype> My ID: adnan13157 .

I want to announce my next learning project, The Year Without English. The challenge is to live in four countries, learn four languages and attempt to speak zero English for an entire year.

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