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Hello, my name is Felipe, I'm from Brazil and I want to improve my english.
Add me on Skype, my ID is: im.feelp

See you soon !

Hello guys this is Gerges i would like to make friends from all over the word my Skype ID gergeslive

I am learning English and I would like to improve my English skills, specially speaking, So if you can help me , add me!
and if you are learning Spanish, I can help you with your speaking
my skype: *****

hi, i'm que, i come from vietnamese. i want to improve my speaking english. we can improve together by talking on skype. if you want to improve your speaking vietnamese. I can also help you learn vietnamese. here is my skype: dinhvan.que

HI Im Carlos from Costa Rica Central America. I want to improve my english, so i would like to meet people on skype to practicing with.
Also I can help someone who wants to practice spanish !!!Take care,

SKYPE amigotico1

Hello friends .I speak English fluently.No matter what your age,sex and even English level are like . I can teach those friends who their levels are lower than me and learn from those friends who their levels are higher than me . . For learning a language we need to learn it by our ears not by our eyes .. so forget about textbooks,grammar and English classes .All these stuff are useless. we must learn from each other.So lets jump to speaking and improving our skills. I hop that all of you meet me on skype ... I dressed in a black T-shirt. This is my skype ID hadi_tahmasbmirza

hi everyone ..
I'm Faisal .. i hope to improve my English ..
my English it's not bad ..
and I'd like to learn Spanish jajaja :$
my level in Spanish is zero :$
and i can help anyone to learn Arabic ..
SKYPE : faisalabdulazizq
TWITTER : @fq_3

Hi Everyone.who want to speak english.kindly add me my skype id is vijay.maurya467.

Hello guys, i want to speak english, lets go? I am from Brazil and i woulk like to meet people around the world. See you, Bye! Skype : gustavo.coghi

I have allready full skype, Thx everybody! :)

hey everyone my name is hai i'm from vietnam i want to improve my english i'm beginer add me sanjikun93

Hello everybody,

I need someone to practice with me speaking English on Skype, If you are interest, here is my Skype ID : eng.mohammad.mustafa85
I am looking forward to hearing from u :-)

hi, im addi from Pakistan. i wanna learn english. i wanna talk english to someone on skype, my skype id is adnan.uddin95

hi guys,,,,! I'am abdul khalik,I'am indonesian,I wont to find someone for imfrove my english,if u wont please call me,this my id skype abdul_khalik5

Hi! I have just completed my graduation from English Literature. But I am not fluent in speaking English. I want someone with whom I can practice. I am very much friendly and I am very much interested in practicing English. Please add me in Skype. My Skype id is sdvisual

hi i can speak english very fluenty i want make practice any one interested add me skype cameopk

17 & girl, I'm looking for native speaker who can talk to me, you know just talk, about life, movies, books and etc.. & i prefer girls cuz i'm awkward with boys. Thanks.
Skype: Itsasxxr

I'm 25 and I would like to improve my spoken englsh skills. It would be great if someone of You could talk with me on skype. I do not have bigger problem with reading english stuff (mostly IT books, blogs, etc), but my spoken skills are terrible. If you want talk about sport (I'm Real Madrid fan since 1998) could be great. I am pretty sure that by practice my skills can increase.
Skype: michal.kloda

Take care

hello everyone) my name is Egor) i'm from Russia) i'm intermediate in English, but have troubles with spoken English) and i wanna to improve it! i can help with Russian if u want to)) so, feel free to add me) my skype account is acapulca21

Hello! My name is Adam. I'm 40 Polish man and I'd like to improve my English. I'm living in Cork ( not far from Port of Cork )- Ireland. I can speak on Skype or face to face. Maybe someone wants to speak Polish ?
My skype id is : adabol1

Hello everyone! My name's Ewelina (25, Poland) and I'm new here, I've also just made my first skype account. I need to improve my speaking skills very fast so don't hesitate - if you wanna to talk, call me. My English level is (I think;]) upper-intermediate - FCE. I don't have huge problems with understanding movies&newspapers etc, but my speaking is really poor, so I'll be grateful for any help. My sype ID: sewelina88

hello to every body my name is tahir , i am good in english but i want to improve further my english my skype id is tahi_z900 adde me please.....

hi any body interested make pactice english fluently add me skype cameopk

Hello, my name is William. I am from Indonesia. My English is 2/10 (beginner). I hope that there is someone who want to have a conversation with me via SKYPE so that I can improve my English speaking skill. Add me please Skype : xcyberx123

hello everyone) my name is Dmitry) i'm from Russia) i'm elementary in English, but have big troubles with spoken English) and i wanna to improve it! i can help with Russian if u want to)) so, feel free to add me) my skype account is dmitry.grinberg

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