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Howdy guys How's getting on I hope so guys will well then I'm researching for other people like to have a great conversation through skype in English or chinese and French or until Portuguese ,I'm new in this website Lingq but I need to practice conversation I already did this process over many years therefore I'm not fluent in English I just learned by myself I 'd like to know many people English is powerfull open great deal of bussiness around the World manily when you get understand everything which other people are talking about. I gonna leave my skype here if you wanna request I wil hope there guys.
My skype is lucianomulekote.

God be with you!!

Hello y'll, I really would like to speak English with English learners or native speakers, my ''level'' on the English language is between intermediate and basic.. here's my Skype Id: Oscar_torrealba123. .


hi !! I'm Korean .. i need to pratice of speaking english ,,looking forward be my friend who can help me :)

i wanna be can talk naturally ,,,

my skype id : cutepooh55

plz add me :)

Hello, I want to improve My englsih, so If someone is intrested you can add me on skype: yassinoreall
we can help each other.

hi I am Hamza >>>i want to practice to improve english >>>>my skype : hamzawi.77

Please speak with me :)
Im Burak and here is my skype "gokselburak"

Hello, all. I'm a Japanese student and currently live in the United States for a college. I'm sophomore this year and will stay here 3 or 4 more years to finish schools. The reason I use this website is mainly to improve my English/(Spanish) and to make some friends. I'm open to any skype contact invitation even if you are not a native-English speaker because any conversation will help speaking skills, so please send me if you are interested and can help my English. Any conversation such as conversational, casual, or more tutor-like talk is welcomed(*´д`*)
Skype ID: naokiforconversation

my name is sanaullah from uae any body interest improve english add me my skype adress cameopk

Hi everyone!!!!

My name is Gibram, i'm brazilian, and I look for someone to help me to improve my English.

My skype: gibrampolimeni


Hi everybody!!! I am from Lithuania and my name is Alma =) I want to improve my English and also to find new friends. If you don't speak English very well, it's OK. So if you are interested my skype id: demonx16 xD

Hello, Everyone, I would like to improve my english, So maybe someone want to improve together, that would be nice : ) skype nick : giedre668

necessarily I'm looking for someone who would like to talk to me on Skype
skype: zoja_13

Hi! Its Jibran From Pakistan.I speak couple of regional and international languages like Punjabi,Sairaiki,English and ARABIC.Its gonna be fun to catch you guys on skype for language and cultural exchange. I hope i will prove myself as a change agent in your language learning journey.My skype is jibranattari

Happy learning
Jibran name is sadaf i want to talk all the peoples who really want to improve their english
my skype id :::brown.eyes701

I am striving to make friends who are eager to improve their oral English as I am. Call me any time from 19:00 to 22:00 (Beijing).
Skype ID: Michael_Tseng

Brief introduction:
I have just finished a Toefl test. The total score is 99 but the speaking part is only 22. I have applied some universities for graduate degree and want to practice my oral English for the online interviews. What's more, I could make more friends here. Thank you.


I would like to know what subjects do you talk about with your Skype friends ??
Mostly of the time, we introduce ourself (age, sex, where we live, languages we are speaking, hobbies, work, single/married) , speak about our countries and traveling and that's it.

How guys are you working on Skype ?
I'm talking about if you are 2 peoples who have average skills in english.
Not one who is better than the other one and try to teach him.

I need help with my English! I'm in the beginning ..

someone wants to learn Portuguese or who speak Portuguese to help me?

I hope someone

my skype Luthgards Vianna

big hug


Hello, I'm Douglas, from Costa Rica, I'm fluent in English, please add me as contact so we can practice and improve our skills in English!

goldvas2010 contact at skype, try to add it, very good teacher

Hi everyone, if someone wants to talk to me in English, please add me to skype: marko.keljevic3

Hi everyone, if someone wants to talk to me in English, please add me to skype: marko.keljevic3

Hi. I'm student from Russia. If you are interested in intellegent talk, add me live:fugayamushka

hi, im shy student from poland. my english is very bad. if someone wants to learn english with me, please add me: anetkaa.92

Add me on Skype => yiagos_ee is my alias if you are interested to discuss anything for the English grammar & vocabulary.
I only accept serious participants on any level, however engineers or engineering students are preferred.

Trollers and spammers please stay away.

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