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LingQ Extension for Google Chrome: Learn Languages while surfing the web!

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All I get are the red lines around the words I click. But that's all.

Eugrus, are you getting the same problem as I showed early in this thread in this video?

Basically, from what I can tell, it seems like it takes forever to load if you have lots of LingQs and known words. And when I say forever, I mean entire minutes. This feature is excellent when it works, but unfortunately, when it takes minutes to load, it is useless.

Colin, I can't access your video :(


This morning I was using the new Extension! :-(

My plan was to read this Text."21 consejos para evitar el estrés y sentirse bien"

I had problem to change the language from English to Spanish!!! 2 Min. the page was blocked.

I would like to read them "here". it was not possible.

so I had a look at my qick-import on LingQ. there I found the lesson

This was a process from total 5 Minutes!!!

to import the text with the old bookmarklet it needs only 1 minute! without searching the lesson in my imports!


My understanding is that this is a project started by one of our members, and completed by a LingQ programmer. It is not a priority right now. If it works for you fine. If it doesn't then just import the article. I don't think LingQ is going to spend any time on improving it right now.

BTW Jolanda, i went to the blog site you mentioned. I changed the language to Spanish, no problem. Then I killed the google translate pop up bar. (I would actually like to remove it permanently.) Then I pressed "LingQ here".

Nothing happened. I went to LingQ on another Tab and saw the article in the LingQ Task Bar. I opened the article I had just imported and was ready to go. This is a big advantage since it enables us to open a quick import article in another Tab, which the bookmarklet does not allow us to do. This way I can go back to original source and import another article if I want.

I immediately went back to the original blog site, and pressed LingQ Here again and all the highlighting was there and I was ready to go. It may be that you need to press LingQ Here twice, with a little interval in between.

Like most things it takes time to get used to. I am finding it really good for many articles I come across on the web.

That extension is just what I wished for, thanks a lot :)
I guess I´ll start using it in a month or so, when most bugs are fixed.^^

I suggest you use it now. I would not expect that much will change in a month.

This is a great idea and new initiative! I installed Chrome on a few computers just for this.
- the phrases collected for newly lingqed words are very short

Look forward to seeing this develop...

Good point keke. We'll see if we can grab a similar length phrase as we grab when you create LingQs on the site.


I could use this function last weekend, but I can't make it work today :(

When I click the extention, a pop up comes up and says: "Authorize to use extention". Then I click "ok" button in the pop up, box, It disappears.

@Steve and All "Then I killed the google translate pop up bar. (I would actually like to remove it permanently.) "

To disable the Translate Bar, go to Settings >> Advanced Settings (see the bottom of the Settings page) >> Languages >> and uncheck "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read."

@yukiko - That seems strange. Works fine for me. Were you logged in to the site when you used it? You must be logged in for it to work.

Oops, I didn't log in when I tried yesterday. Thank you, Mark!

I think it would be great if this feature was worked on more as it's such a cool idea which I feel makes studying with lingq alot more practical. I've used it a bit and it's working fairly well. All though I think sometimes words are highlighted that I already know as "new words". Still, fingers crossed it can be a continually improving feature.

We have pushed a few updates for the extension to the Chrome store. You will need to quit and re-start Chrome to update your extension. The update contains fixes that now grab a full length phrase when you create a LingQ while LingQing on the page and also grabs an image from the page when importing to LingQ.

Will there be an update to the Chrome extension soon? It looks like it could be a very useful tool but unfortunately for me I'm getting the same issue as reported by eugrus and ColinJohnstone. Basically, only words that I've lingq'd appear and are shaded in yellow. Unknown words never appear with a blue background. When I click on a word, it becomes highlighted with a red box. Eugrus posted a video here:

I've uninstalled and re-installed the latest version of Chrome but this is still happening. I'm using Windows 7.

I get the message "The page you selected could not be found".

I've watched the video from Colin Johnstone now. The video is not mine, but it's exactly the problem I am experiencing. (Windows 8, any browser)

Oops, sorry Eugros. I got mixed up, it was Colin's video.

Strange, the link I posted seems to work for me.

I also watched the video. It is not the problem I am experiencing. I lose the page entirely.

It does look like there is an issue with the Extension. Blue words no longer show up on the page for some reason. We will look into that. It was working properly up until recently. For now, you will have to import to LingQ with the extension to see the blue words and create LingQs. Eugrus, of course, the extension is only available on Chrome.

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