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Google translation requests not working the first time

I'm not sure if its strictly a google translate issue, but many times, when I highlight a chunk or a whole sentence to get a translation, the result in the right panel is an exact copy of what I selected. So, no translation, just kanji & hiragana. I then have to click de "x" symbol next to my selection, and redo the selection. Then it works. Its probably safe to say it happens 50% of the time.

The problem happens in japanese. I use chrome. Dont know if that information helps.

Sorry if it has already been mentionned. I took a minute to google the question to make sure its not a duplicate, but wasnt sure how to formulate it.

@eturgeon - Thanks for the heads up. I've actually noticed this myself when LingQing, but wasn't sure if it was just a temporary glitch or something on Google's end. I'll pass this along to our development team to see if it might be something on our end or something that Google needs to fix.

Thank you for your reply!

It's been happening in Italian also.

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