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Negative counting for listening and reading

Hi all,

Does anyone ever see negative counting on their progress snapshot? Today mine said I had listened to -0.2 hours and read -1285 words even though I had listened to about 40 minutes of material today (though I hadn't read anything). I see this kind of thing quite regularly - does anyone else?


I had something weird like that happen earlier today- but in the opposite direction. It said in my stats that I had listened for six hours today and read an obnoxious amount and had learned a bunch of lingq's, etc., but now it seems to have fixed itself. Maybe it was a glitch in the system.

@jungleboy - we are sorry about that! Have you listened to your lessons on your app or website?
@Elzby1985 - have your stats just got to normal without adjusting manually?

Yes, they went back to normal without me adjusting them.

Hi Galina, I listen on the app for iOS. The negative counting happens about once a week for me.

@jungleboy - just one more question: do you use the counter on your app to adjust manually "times read" and "times listened"?

Sometimes, but not today or anytime recently.

@jungleboy - the thing is when you adjust the counter manually, e.g. decrease your numbers of "times read and listened", it will reflect on your stats. I just took a look at your progress snapshot. All the stats are positive now (for today and yesterday). Have you adjusted them manually after getting negative numbers?

I don't ever decrease the number of times read and listened on the app - I increase them when I see that they haven't increased automatically. For today, I manually adjusted the progress snapshot stats to bring them back to positive/zero.

@jungleboy - sorry about that. We are not sure what causes this issue on the new app. Would you be able to track your stats everyday in your progress snapshot for some period of time (selecting in the drop down "yesterday" or "today") to make sure that your numbers are always correct. Once you notice negative stats again, please try to identify after which actions on your app this happens. It would be very helpful in terms of reproducing the issue and fixing it. So far, we are not sure where to start testing as it is the first report since the new iOS app has been released. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Galina, it happened to me again yesterday. For now I have not manually adjusted the numbers so you can see them; perhaps this will help you determine the problem.

Looking at my stats for yesterday, it says -0.7 hours listened and -5821 words read. In fact it should be around 40 minutes listened (i.e. the same 0.7 hours that is currently in negative) and no words read. Yesterday I listened to four 10-minute lessons on the new iLingQ on my iPhone. In all four cases I accessed the lessons through My Courses rather than Playlists. In at least three of the four cases and possibly all four, I was connected to 3G and not wifi at the time I opened the lesson, and I suspect this has something to do with it as I've previously noted problems with the app on 3G even though in theory there should be no real difference.


@jungleboy - Thank you for the additional info on this. In fact, it sounds like it may be due to something in the app and not through the site. We'll have to do some more testing here to find out what's going on, but this is a step hopefully in the right direction :)

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