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Any language interpretors here?

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When did Karl Kennedy sign up to LingQ?

" to meet you like a bride's nightie..."

That is a lovely turn of phrase.

Ah, to be young again (and in the sack with a 19-year-old sheila...)

"...Yuck, you're too old for a 19 year old^^..."

I guess that's where the "Ah, to be young again" part comes in, Julz.

As for "yuck", well, perhaps you're right - there is a kind of sadness about about bitter old men, as anyone who has seen the film "Scent of a Woman" will know.

I am interested to know what a banana bender is. I think I have a pretty good idea.

@I-keep-changing-my-name-Canute: - except you're neither bitter nor sad!:)

ad Julie: (...) ...@me mate Robert,
Good on yer! I don't wanna come off like a broken two-bob watch or anything, .......(...)

Now, that is what I call a challenge for a simultaneous interpreter and not any of that lame science stuff.

ad Jay: What is the matter with you?! You think you are "old" at the age of 38? I'm 46 and as happy as a bee ;-)

Don't give up so easily on yourself. Try to spend half of the energy you put into your sarcasm into looking at the good things you have going for yourself and you might actually find you are still quite a catch.

A nice character and a cheerful heart never age.

Leave the aging part to your body (you can't stop that anyway) and send your heart and soul on a wild ride through the adventures of life. Who knows, your body might be able to catch up with your wildest dreams ;-)

That What's-His-Name "sign language interpreter" at a certain memorial service, you know the one, I'd bet he could still pull something off! :)~

@Robert: "...You think you are "old" at the age of 38..."

I recently turned 39...

I appreciate your kind words, I really do. (However I have quite a history of screwing things up - more so than the average person.)

Ich habe aber die Hoffnung keineswegs verloren - durch Gott is nichts unmöglich ;-)

I hope that Colin gets over his
self-confessed childishness and naivety,
which he will do with time,
that Robert remains happy
and self-confident,
and that Jay,
you never lose hope.

And Julie, I hope you never lose your sense of humour and ability to make others laugh!

One of the few phrases I do understand in your amazing collection of Australian colloquial and slang expressions is 'banana bender'. Simply a person from Queensland, a state in Australia. Queenslanders are made fun of by other Australians by saying that anyone who wanders across the border into Queensland has to wind the clock back a few decades. Queensland grows lots of bananas. Someone has to put the bend in them, you cannot have a straight banana! I am sure there are lots of jokes about Queenslanders on the web if anyone is interested.

I found about it here:

@ Maria2

But you don't care if I remain an Arschloch?

That's interesting, Colin!

Now why would you think you are an Arschloch?

I'd boil the billy anytime with you, Julie!

That is, if you mean we'd sit down and have a good old chinwag over a mug of tea!

@ Maria2

Well, as I have proven already, I love to be mean to little girls and make them cry. I am also trying my best to give Robert a heart attack. These are just a few of the things I do for fun.

Sounds rather tame.

I also very much doubt that such an adjective crossed Robert's mind and it is certainly not what he called you.

@ginko - My oath! I'd sit down with ya in the top paddock anytime and have a yarn over some damper and tea: )

Funny enough, my parents still speak like that! My uncles also share the same distinct spoken drawl - and some of that wore off on me, which isn't necessarily a good thing, as it can be interpreted as an "uneducated" accent - haha! You can imagine my girls saying "Strewth!" et cetera at school - since their mum is like twice the age of the others and has grown up hearing this...

I remember my Logic professor describing how his daughter, a Court Judge, pronounced Latin terms just like my parents during the first trial she presided over. He cringed!

I did "cut crook" at my 11 year old last night though when I heard her pronounce 'Z' as "zee" instead of "zed"! I said, "You're *Australian*, not American!" My father would have said, "We're not bloody Yanks!" :)~

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