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@alex My point is that more customization does not necessarily mean more confusion. Adding options to the settings page is completely different than adding buttons in the dashboard. Each needs to be evaluated on its own.

My list above is my personal response to Colin's question and the bullets were not meant to be direct suggestions for change. Of course, I certainly wouldn't mind such changes :)

@kcb "-Status 4 = check mark, so why have both? Cluttered."

As I understand it, clicking 4 means you know the word, but the word will still show up in your SMS words to know.
Clicking the check mark means you know the word, and the word will not show up in your SMS words to know.

That's right @donhamiltontx!

@don I don't know anything about SMS, but I'll take your word for it. Still the distinction isn't immediately clear for new or, in my case, longtime lingqers.

@ kcb

I enjoyed reading your list. I think you are a bit harsh on a few points. A lot of the things you call useless are used by others. Here is my own take on these features.

New words list page and Lingq list page
- I never use them and don't know how I would. Could be useful for others I guess

Lesson Info page
- I always check it for the percentage of new words in the document before reading the lesson. Other than that, I never look at it and don't know what is on there.

When selecting a blue word
- This is very confusing for newbies. It took me a while to work out that the user hints are not dictionary definitions. I was so appalled at how terrible they were, that I initially gave up on the site and went to use ***.
- I don't use the pencil but maybe other people might find it useful.

When editing a lingq
- I never use the phrase box and I never look at the phrases. As I understand it, a lot of other people do, so clearly not pointless.
- I never look at the example sentences, but probably other people find them useful. However, I notice that the example sentences are usually the last thing to load when I select a LingQ, which makes me wonder if they are slowing down the reading interface.
- What is the blue popup window?
- I never use Ask a Tutor but lots of people do, so not pointless. I think it is misleading. It actually leads to asking a question in the forum, so it should be 'Ask in Forum'.
- I have noticed the flag dropdown and have no idea what it is for. I notice that when studying Russian, while it is usually the British flag, it is sometimes the German flag, and I have no idea why.
- The check mark is misleading. It looks like it is meant to be used to make existing LingQs known (and by that I mean genuinely known, not just status 4 LingQs). Instead, it appears to do nothing when you click it, and it is not until you become an expert at the inner workings of the website that you work out it has something to do with some sort of SRS or something.
- I use tags. They are not pointless. I only use them for phrases.
- I don't add multiple hints to one LingQ, but I can imagine that others do.

@Colin Thanks for your list. The loading time of the example sentences was something I had wondered as well.

Some points to bear in mind for this new list:
My first list was not meant as a suggestion list; this one is.
I'm intentionally ignoring how difficult/resource heavy these changes might be since I have no idea on that front.
My feeling is that new/other users who might be overwhelmed with choices would simply not notice them since the choices would be on the settings page.

SETTINGS PAGE check boxes

[Lesson page Dashboard]
-Show example sentences
-Show phrase box
-Show + button
-Show new words list
-Show lingq list
-Show Lesson Detail list
-Show Notes box
-Show Ask a Tutor
-Show Add Tags
-Show Hint Language flag
-Show speaker button
-Show green checkmark

[Lesson page Reading Window]
-Show dotted line under level 4 lingqs*
-Yellow and blue words treated as one when using arrow keys
-No fun mode (Eliminate background, maximize reading window, and no Avatar bar)

*My idea here is that perhaps the dotted lines (the level 4 words still being lingqs, in other words) contribute to how slow a lesson is. If it made a difference speed-wise whether my level 4 lingqs were simply known words, then I'd welcome the option to mass convert them.

Thank you for the constructive and useful feedback.

@alex - Thanks for the clarification. But let me also clarify. I'm talking about a bug here, not an improvement. I can't read 2 lines of text in about half the lessons I do. Scrolling or reloading doesn't help. It's a specific 2 lines that the pokemon has decided to cover. So that's a bug. Of course, there are some improvement suggestions too, like moving the two toolbars (pokemon and new words) out of the way, allowing the big 'ol dictionary window to be minimized without needing to supersize my browser window, etc. But the reason I started this thread was to get the bug fixed.

@Wulfgar - Ah, I see. I guess things got a bit lost in the mix! Would you be able to send a screenshot to support (at) so we can have a better idea of what you're seeing and what might be causing this?

message sent

I have experienced similar issues the last two days(Wed. 02/19 & Thurs. 02/20) on mobile site (cell phone). I have used lessons on mobile for almost six months with no problem & great learning experiences, and even got by the recent upgrade with the pokemon bar interference issue by turning my phone quickly between landscape & portrait, but now I have to zoom in to find the play timer bar which doesn't always work and there are interferences from LQ words etc. Did recent attempts to fix pokemon bar issue change everything else? I enjoy using the mobile site and I know I can download the lessons, but this takes away from my learning experience. I use the mobile site half of the time while on LingQ and laptop for the rest.

@MikeK50 - As far as I know, nothing has changed over the past week regarding the Avatar progress bar (or the lesson page in general). We're aware of some display issues on mobile devices, and hope to have this resolved in a future update. In the meantime, was the site displaying properly for you before 2/19?

We made the decision a few months ago to focus our efforts on improving the mobile apps for iOS and Android instead of spending significant efforts to improve the mobile experience on the site itself. The apps are coming along nicely, and will be well worth the wait :)

@ alex

I love the iOS app and the website on my laptop, but the website on my phone is a complete disaster. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like a tornado came blowing thorugh and blew everything around. Just my honest opinion.

@ColinJohnstone - The new iOS app should be ready soon. I can't share too much more, as we don't want to spoil the surprise. Announcement coming soon... ;)

@ Alex

Please please please please tell me you are not sticking the Pokemon power-up bar at the bottom of the reading part of the app.

@ColinJohnstone - I won't spoil it, but the new app is a minigame where you grow your Avatar by exploring the world of LingQopia, picking up LingQs (coins) and points as you travel around the various different cultural regions related to the language you are learning.

In all seriousness, even you'll love the new app, but that's about all you'll hear from me until it's released.

I really have to ask, why 'even' me?

Anyway, you or mark said on the forum months ago what you were doing with the app, and it sounds great.

@ColinJohnstone - "even" was just in response to your particular comment about the Avatar and gamification of LingQ, didn't really mean anything by it to be honest :)

Regarding the list given by kcb above, I would not put in so many options. However, one option that I think would be good would be the ability to turn on and off the user hints. I like the user hints and I rely on them almost all of the time, but I know there are people who don't use them, such as Vera and Evgueny, and they would probably prefer that they were taken directly to the dictionary when they click on a new word. This would save them one click per new word, which, in a document with 250 new words, saves them a lot of effort.

Thank you for this suggestion, Colin. That would be really great. And it would be like it was in earlier versions of LingQ :)

In addition to this saving one click per word, it would also save the user a lot of time and effort moving the mouse around the screen.

@ColinJohnstone, VeraI - Thanks for your suggestions on this. We don't have any immediate plans to make any changes here. We've toyed with settings over the past couple of years to allow multiple behaviours, and have found that instead of adding settings or maintaining multiple versions of the same function, a better long term approach is choosing the path that benefits most users and spending the additional time improving other aspects of the application.

Here's a good flowchart I stumbled across last week regarding this very issue:

That being said, we're of course open to hearing all your ideas and suggestions, and we consider user feedback with many of the decisions we make behind the scenes.

Regarding the gold coin bar: I feel that running a script to get rid of it is too much for me.
What I do instead is: right-click on the coin bar, select Inspect Element (Chrome and FF have similar functinality), then change
div id="avatar-widget" style="bottom: -10px; width: 599.833px; "
div id="avatar-widget" style="bottom: -10px; width: 599.833px; display:none; "
and hit Enter. Note the quotation mark is closed behind display:none.

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