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Correction. Everything is working apart from the sound on the flashcards.

I have cleared the cache completely and the flashcards are working correctly only on page vocabulary.
emails with the title "lingqs of the day" doesn´t work yet in chrome

@bisop - Glad to hear clearing the cache helped with this one!

@robsonco - Do you mean that the flashcards don't load when clicking the "Flashcards" button in the LingQs of the Day email?

yes, this is exactly what i mean.
it opens the site, open the small (white) window in the center, but doesn´t appears the words/phrases, only the commands.

sorry, neither the commands...

when i click on the word that i cant read properly i usualy use the
speakerphone on my right side,but now i cant do it because my speakerphone is not working

@robsonco - If you refresh that page using Control+Shift+R does it work for you, or does the same issue appear?

@nermin_busovaca - Sorry for the trouble! We are working on text-to-speech and hope to have it fixed soon!

unfortunately, still doesn´t work.
despite of this problerm, on page vocabulary, i can do the reviews by clicking on the correct button.
then, there are others problems.
1- the audio of the phrases of the lingqs are not working.
2- when you click in edit, to see google translator, it´s not automatic like old days. you have to click on dictionary, and then the options that you choice. And, in second time, in another phrase, you have to repeat the "clicks" again , and appears the phrase of the last lingq, no the current. Then you have to click again in dict, choice, and only then, appears the correct phrases.
3- And I think you will being to correct an old problem, when google translator opens, the window is less then the image, and i don´t have any permition to increase the window. And it is not simple can read the translation that is hidden in part of the window.

I'm not able to launch Daily Linqs flashcards from the "Notifications Menu". The flashcard frame opens but nothing populates in it. When I close that frame I can then launch the Daily Linqs flashcards from the Vocabulary page. I use Chrome.

Sometimes the flashcard frame won't even launch.

Sound doesn't work from flashcards when you try to play the pronunciation of the term. Using Chrome.

I guess this is the aforementioned "text to speech" problem. It doesn't seem to work anywhere on the site.

Within a lesson it used to be possible to scroll through the linqs using the horizontal arrow keys. You could read through a lesson and toggle through the linqs while reading, or you could just toggle through as a vocabulary review. This no longer works. Within a lesson the horizontal arrow keys do nothing.

Now this is working.

@edthird - The arrow keys still work fine for me. I'm also on Chrome.

@edthird - we know about that issue and we are working on it. Sorry about that. In the meantime you will have to use the vocabulary page to see those flashcards.

Flashcards don't work at all in chrome, multiple choice stops when I edit words and I have to refresh after which I have to start over again. It's a little bit annoying. Audio for the lessons is OK but it doesn't work for individual words..

Yes, we know about the audio problems. We apologize and we are continuing to work on them. We hope to have them resolved soon.

If the flashcards are not working properly, please try ctrl+f5 or cmd + refresh on a mac to clear your cache. Try this a few times and your flashcards should start working.

@mark: Flashcards now works great with me (Mac, Chrome)

I think it was a great irresponsability to change a plataform without planning and tests.
Come on, there´s problems in all the things that you do!!!
Anything is ok, and in everything there is a "what if"....
in one time, the sound doesn´t work, in other the flash cards doesn´t appears, then you have to see, mandatorily, tips that you know for several months, and you have to click one, twice, to desapears that stuff, in other you have to see "congratulations, you did a first flash card!!!"
come on, what a fucking shit that you did!!!!

Why don´t you come back to old plataform and try to study better ????

i don´t know how to say this in english, mas ja to de saco cheio de tanto problema!!!

@robsonco - We are sorry there were issues with the upgrade. When big changes are made there is room for many unforeseen issues to come up. Believe me we did do a lot of testing on the new version, however, there were issues that came up that did not happen on our test server. I won't get in to the reasons for this but we have learned from this experience and we are making changes to ensure that the problems we encountered do not happen the next time. We have tried to fix all the major issues as quickly as possible despite it being the holiday season. Everything should be working properly now.

We know change is hard for people, especially when it is accompanied by bugs, however, we feel the new interface is a big improvement over what was there before. There were many small improvements that were made based on feedback and observations made watching how people used the site. We have continually made improvements to the site throughout its history and we will continue to do so as we try to make the site as good as possible. We appreciate the feedback and we know we have to balance the desires of our loyal users with the need to make things more easy to use and attractive for new users.

All seems to be working well now with the new interface.

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