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Is any German bakery online? It would be fun to ...

Es darf auch ein grobes Brot sein
Essen + Trinken, Teil 2 - Beim Bäcker

Is any German bakery online? It would be fun to check out vocabulary about baking, bread usw.

The site is in German, English, French and Polish ;)

Here you can see some sort of bread and bread rolls:

Here a detailed explanation how to make bread:

Here you'll find some recepies:

Super! And Yummy! :-) Thanks to both of you.

Well, I used to eat here a lot:

Where can I get a Berliner around here?

@Eugrus: They have a lot of nice things in their "Sortiment". German bakeries offer a lot of tasty things.

@Eugrus Thanks for the reference. I can understand why you used to eat there a lot. And I agree with Vera: there are a LOT of nice things in their "Sortiment."

Here, I am :-)
We didn't buy any bread in a bakery since over two years. Everything is homemade.
I use only a little yeast that I buy, the other is self made sourdough (self made, too).
If you are interested in making bread, I can recommend you a very good Forum in the Internet where I learned a lot
and a blog, where the creator of the Forum writes his own recipes in English, too

If you are in the blog of Björn, the brotdoc, there are on the right side many other Blogs mentioned.

Here a further blog where you have two languages, English and German

Berliner is called "Krapfen", too, if there is no jam in it. It is the same dough.
Berliner is called "Fasnachtsküchle" in my area :-)
You can prepare it yourself

In the Forum I mentioned before, you can se how they are made

Hi, Irene. Thank you. You are making me very hungry. :-)
Here in the American Southwest, in any town or city with a sizeable population of Spanish-speakers, there will be one or more bakeries, called in Spanish 'panaderías.' They specialize in sweet bread, called pan dulce, which is a prized delicacy among Spanish speakers (and anyone else who has eaten them! Though it must be said that though sweet, they are not very sweet: just enough). Panaderías are almost always modest affairs, but to my surprise I found one online that is in this area.
And here is a more conventional bakery in my area, so you can compare American bakeries with yours.
I should say that I have not been to either bakery, but their baked goods look delicious.
When I was very young, my mother baked bread, so I have not tasted homemade bread in a very long time. I myself do not bake, though from time to time I do make cornbread, which is very easy to do.
Thanks again to everyone for helping me out here.

thank you for your response and the links. I know the American bakeries and the food I can buy in the stores. In the stores, the bread is often like cotton wool in the texture.
We have Family members in the USA, and in the last five years, I was there four times. We could recognize that on markets are more and more breads available, made with sourdough - or in such health stores, too.
But you will be surprised, I began to bake bread, after I could taste the homemade bread from my brother and nephew in the USA.
Now, when we are in the USA, most with the Family members or in their holiday house, I bake the bread for us and to store in the fridge there.
This year, we will be there again, and the neighbors are waiting on me for my Baguette with garlic butter :-) - and for the Sauerbraten mit Spätzle !!

@Irene The situation here with bread is certainly improving, and many a supermarket has its own bakery. I think it will take most of us Americans a long time to get over our taste for bland bread. Meanwhile, you should start a business here, baking bread for the neighbors. Interesting story.

Ich habe mal "deutsches Brot und Brötchen" gegooglet:

So bekommt man einen guten visuellen Eindruck!

(EDIT) Link entfernt!


@Fasulye: Gute Idee, aber Dein Link führt zur niederländischen Google-Seite und liefert nicht viele Ergebnisse. Dieser Link funktioniert besser:

Wenn schon mein Wohnsitz auf Deutsch ist, dann sollen zumindest meine Computerprogramme und Webseiten auf Niederländisch sein. Nun könnt ihr wählen, ob ihr euch das deutsche Brot auf der deutschen oder der niederländischen Google - Webseite anschauen wollt. :)


Fasulye, das ist mir im Prinzip auch egal, ich habe ja nichts gegen Niederländisch und die Niederlande, aber auf der niederländischen Seite sehe ich leider nicht so viele Brote, sondern eine Menge andere Dinge, die mit Brot nichts zu tun haben. Deshalb der Hinweis auf die deutsche Seite.

Du hast Recht, Vera! Auf dem von mir geposteten Link waren zum Beispiel Fotos von Affen aus dem Zoo und Kindern oder sonstigen Objekten, die keinen Bezug zum Brot hatten. Es sieht so aus, als ob Fotos ausgetauscht worden waren, nachdem ich meinen Link bereits gepostet hatte.

Ich schlage stattdessen folgendes vor:

Gebt einfach mal unter "Google Abbildungen:" "Backen von deutschem Brot" ein!


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